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Soul Music is often described as the fusion of traditional African-American Gospel, secular Rhythm and Blues and the Blues. As other music styles, Soul music developed regionally and certain cities had a specific sound. The five major cities in which Soul music developed were Detroit (Motown sound), Philadelphia (Sweet Philly, Gamble and Huff), Chicago (Chess […]

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In today’s “democratic” society, we rest on the ideal of individualism and freedom. We are supposed to have the freedom to vote, freedom to buy (as consumers), and freedom to choose, all of which are own personal, individual choices with no influence by or reliance on others. However, that is where the major contradiction in […]

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Welcome to Macaulay Eportfolio Collection. Welcome to my blog. Since I am a writer, I will be publishing any compositions I have done and will do while I am attending Macaulay Honors. This includes essays I have done for class and personal essays I did on the side. Most of the pieces I will post […]

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