Stirring the Mind into Thought

I am Medusa, a daughter

Of the sea, a queen

Unto my people,

A guardian to all I am,

An enchantress of strength,

I, dark and lovely, with hair

Wild, keeps the wisdom

And secrets of the world

Locked in every twist,

You tried to silence me,

Rape me, lie about me,

Cut me into pieces

For your sick enjoyment,

But I fear no mortal man

Whose face turn to stone

With one look at me,

To him I am dreadful

Yet when I look at myself,

Life and love flows as much

As death through my blood,

I am a beauty that no man

Can create or kill…

June 16th, 2010 at 2:06 PM
One Response to “Medusa Reborn 2010”
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    nds Says:

    what a nice poem!