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Life would probably be easier if we could say that what he have on top of our heads is just hair or just a “hairstyle.” However, it is not as the constant debate in the African-American community of “Good Hair vs. Bad Hair” rages on. Some people try to be oblivious to the fact that […]

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…This is the power of true art; it brings us closer to all that we have ever felt and experienced, the things which we seem to hide so well from each other; when we reflect on art, we get to understand ourselves and each other a little better. It brings us closer to our humanity… […]

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I love locs in general, I love my locs, and my cousin, who is the picture, loves her locs, yet some people just have a problem when it comes to seeing people with dreadlocks. It is one of the most controversial and misunderstood of natural hair styles (probably as bad as the afro) and it […]

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Although many people might disagree with this next statement, I am going to say it anyway: we do not live in a vacuum and many of the decisions we make are in some way influenced by society. Someone can say that “the choices I made was me being me” or “that is who I am” […]

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The matrix of domination is the union of different social factors, including gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, age, social class, disability, handedness (I am left-handed), religion, and citizenship status, that have a large impact on a person’s social status in a society. Three of the most prominent ones are racism, sexism and homophobia. Racism is […]

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For my first fieldnotes assignment, I decided to observe the E train, which I take everyday to go to school and home. My observation times were mid-morning on Tuesday (9:00-10:00), the afternoon on Tuesday (3:30-4:30) and the morning on Wednesday (7:00-8:00). I thought the E train would be the best place to observe because I […]

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Here is something my friend wrote, which I thought was very poetic: I have always regretted the times when I said too little or nothing at all, so I’ve been trying to make up for it. But with my efforts and sometimes not-so ambiguous results, I’ve been left to wonder if I say too much…maybe […]

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Photography unlike paintings has the ability to capture reality and look more authentic. This group of pictures depicted everything from the human figure to social problems to the glitz and glam of Hollywood and the Jazz culture. Most of the photos were in black and white, which moved the concentration to the content within the […]

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Everyone knows Vincent Van Gogh as the depressed guy who cut off his ear, painted himself with the cut-off ear and later committed suicide. However, he is much more than that and much more than his famous painting, Starry Night. There is a reason why that was one of his most famous works; the night […]

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Before I went to the Dali Exhibit, Salvador Dali was already one of my favorite painters. However, I learned so much more about Dali at the exhibit and I appreciate him as an artist so much more now. Not only was Dali a surrealist, but he also had a fascination with film. He believed that […]

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