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Even fictional films can have an ounce of reality in them. In Andrea Arnold’s Wasp, a creatively engrossing, direct cinema-styled short drama about an impoverished mother’s conflict between her desire and her responsibility, reality almost hits you in the face. Nathalie Press plays Zoe, a mother who is tying to deal with wanting to be […]

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Edward Steichen’s Joan Crawford (1932) uses few elements, such as an emphasis on contrast, to convey a deeper message. The focal point of the gelatin silver print (11” by 14”) photograph is Joan Crawford. It is a sharp photograph with high contrast of blacks, whites and few grays. In the foreground, Joan Crawford is dressed […]

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Ms. Bridgette Davis is a journalist, a screenwriter, a director, an author, a producer and my professor. Just to mention it, she originally wanted to be a psychiatrist, but biology and chemistry classes caused her to change her mind (thank God!). Davis started her career at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where she majored in […]

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Ad Hoc Major Proposal – Words and Music: From Songwriting to Journalism I came to Baruch because I was interested in majoring in Management of Musical Enterprises. This major matched my love for music and the business side of the music industry. However, as a Macaulay Honors’ student, I was able to take my first […]

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Do you remember when you were a child and your parents taught you that phrase so you could cope with your classmates teasing you. Now, that I am all grown up, you know what I have come to realize, that phrase is a big, old, fat LIE! Words can hurt just like sticks and stones […]

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