Nov 09 2009

Oh What a Photo

Published by Nathaly Martinez under ICP Exhibit

It was definitely interesting to go visit the International Center of Photography. I’ve never been exposed to photography used in such a wide range of mediums, and each photographer had a story to tell. It made looking at each photograph like reading a new book.The first exhibit that caught my attention was the one with the cow organs wrapped around the women. I actually did not notice it at first, but when I did it was very disturbing. I did like however, the reason, the story behind the cow organs. For the photographer, Pinar Yolacan, this was important to exentuate the clothing,a nd the fabric. I really didn’t notice it at first because it just seems like it is just a woman sitting in intricate clothing because the photographer knows not to just throw a cow placenta on a woman. She knows exactly the way it is supposed to be positioned and the lighiting necessary to get a great shot.

Another exhibit with a striking story was “Bullet Proof” made in 2008 by Milagros de la Torre. I saw the shirt, jacket,and blouse just hanging up there, and I thought, “there is a perfectly logical explanation for this.” Indeed Milagros did have this answer. Each articles of clothing is an expensive piece of clothing that only the wealthy can buy. Although they seem normal, they are plated with armor. The light blouse had a breast plate as well. I couldn’t believe it when she said that people like Obama even wear them. She put them on a blank white background, so they stand strong on their own, and you just want to toss them on. I love the lighting she uses, it brings life to the clothing, and they should since their purpose is to protect.

Valerie Berlin was able to portray the teenage need for physical perfection in Untitled Models II (2006), which I found very effective. No matter what country, age, era, etc..teens never stop wanting to look like those people on magazines. She used stiff poses and close ups of the faces. She was bale to wipe away imperfections with powder and strong lighting. All the “models” had vacant stairs and in this way she prtrayed the emptiness, the isolation that a teen age experiences in trying to look like people created by the media.

the last exhibit I was really annoyed by. There was a Turkish man who felt the need to spend hours and hours on choosing an outfit and making sure he wore the most expensive clothes out there. I see kids do this all the time. If they’re not wearing Nike, Jordans, Gucci, or Armani/Exchange, then they are nobody. My sister has told me of men who have said that they can’t stand it when women who are wearing an outfit that is worth less than only their shirt “dares” to talk to them. It is not even a joke how common that is today, if you’re not rocking the right clothes, “talk to the hand.”

Over all, it was a really interesting exhibit with a lot of different types of photography. I appreciated the different opinions, and forms of expression of each photographer.

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  1.   Fabiana Sagreraon 06 Dec 2009 at 12:57 am

    I loved the Untitled Models II, it truly shows what we are exposed to as little kids. I remember wanting to be tall and blonde just like Barbie when I was 6. I feel like so many kids have that pressure to having to look like a doll, all perfect, with blue eyes, silky hair, and fair skin. After all, its all around us, in magazines, tv, billboards, and even toys.