So You Want to Make a Documentary?

iMovie Project

  1. Import videos from camera
  2. Create New Project
  3. Drag videos into Project
  4. Select segment of a video clip to trim or split
  5. Re-order and remove video segments
  6. Drag audio files into Project and then split/trim/re-order
  7. Drag picture files into Project and adjust length of time
  8. When finished, export movie Share > Export Movie... and select HD 720p for Size To Export.

Tip: Collaborating on an iMovie project

  1. Create separate projects for each member of group
  2. Export movies from each project
  3. Import the exported movies into iMovie
  4. Add New Project and add the exported movies to the project
  5. Export a final movie (with mp4 extension) with the individual member movies combined

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