Bea Almendrala

I am freshman at Hunter College and I’m working with Judy Zheng on the education of Jews and Mexicans, both in their homelands and in the United States. I will be focusing on the Mexican part of the project. The majority of my project will focus on the education system in Mexico and how it differs from the education that Mexican migrants receive when they arrive in the United States, particularly in New York City. I’m interested in seeing how they are affected by the differences in education, if any, and seeing how they perform in NYC’s education system compared to the one in Mexico.

Right now, I’m working towards a Nursing degree and possibly studying Psychology alongside it. I’m currently at an internship with Group Gordon Strategic Communications, a public relations firm, where I can test out the waters of the communications industry and find a way to integrate it to my future career in the health services industry.

I graduated from Newtown High School in Corona, Queens. The student population at Newtown is predominantly Latino, which allowed me share in the diverse Central and South American cultures of my schoolmates. Because of this, I chose to work on the Mexican portion of my group project with Judy.

My family and I came to New York from the Philippines in 2007. Everyday is always a day of learning and discovery for me in my new home. Though my heart always belongs to the islands of my birth, I am grateful to this country for giving me the opportunity to share in its diversity and freedom. Salamat po!

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