Lidiya Kurin

My name is Lidiya and I am currently a student of the Macualay Honors College at Hunter. I am interested in the Biological Neurscience major and am aiming for a career in psychiatry, although my dream job would definitely be hosting a late night comedy show, such as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Lidiya Kurin). My interests include writing (poetry and creatively) and watching anything funny. Life is not the same without a weekly dose of The Office or Saturday Night Live.

Since this website is dedicated to immigration I will let you know a little about my own history. My parents are I immigrated into the United States from Ukraine, in September of 1998, so we have been living in America for 12 years now. When I came to America I had very little knowledge of anything that was going on. My view of the United States was based on a few episodes of Melrose Place and my English vocabulary was extremely basic; I still had trouble differentiating the words “boy” and “girl.” Nevertheless, we settled in and welcomed our first generation American, my brother, Ilya. We make sure that we keep our native language alive, so I am fluent in Russian and as is my brother. We are each others only family in the United States; all our other relatives are either in Ukraine or Russia. My parents and I are grateful for the chance we had to move here and have no interest in leaving, aside from to pay our relatives a visit.

I will be contributing to the Family and Gender Roles portion of this website, particularly focusing in on the Mexican macho.


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