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Nov 16

I went to Prague last weekend! My mom was going to speak at a legal tech conference there on Monday, so we decided to meet up a few days earlier to see the city. I took a flight Thursday night and was there within an hour and a half. We stayed in a hotel right […]

Nov 09

Last weekend I went to Grenoble with the UEJF (Union des Etudiants Juifs de France), aka the French Jewish student union. Every year they have a national convention (in a different location each year) where they discuss issues relevant to the French-Jewish community. That and there’s also lots of socializing, Shabbat meals, and parties. So […]

Nov 07

Ah. I have so much to write about the past few days. I went to Grenoble with the French Jewish student union, and now I’m back to school. But. It’s Election Night In America. I voted absentee for Obama. My first time voting in a presidential election! This really matters to me. I’ve spoken to […]

Gabrielle in Paris