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Dec 27

Well, I haven’t written a proper post in ages. But it’s okay. I’ve been busy. And now I’m on “vacation”, which means I have 2 weeks or so to write 2 huge papers and study for 5 exams. Now you might not think that sounds like a lot (really? you don’t think that sounds like […]

Dec 17

I went to Reims, a town 40 minutes north of Paris, with 2 of my friends on one Sunday. We hung out at the Christmas markets, ate lunch and drank mulled wine. And I took some nice pictures! Sherlock!!!

Dec 05

I’ve decided to make this post to write down the little things that happen in class that make me smile. My professors are all just the slightest bit eccentric (I would know) and I love them, I really do, and I love being in class. Weird, huh. I said this before but it’s a few […]

Gabrielle in Paris