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Jan 01

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Time just seems to have sped up since I’ve been here. When I look back at 2012, I think of the last 4 months — the 8 months previous just seem inconsequential. Not that they were. From January to August I learned a lot about filmmaking, worked pretty hard, and had a […]

Nov 16

I went to Prague last weekend! My mom was going to speak at a legal tech conference there on Monday, so we decided to meet up a few days earlier to see the city. I took a flight Thursday night and was there within an hour and a half. We stayed in a hotel right […]

Nov 09

Last weekend I went to Grenoble with the UEJF (Union des Etudiants Juifs de France), aka the French Jewish student union. Every year they have a national convention (in a different location each year) where they discuss issues relevant to the French-Jewish community. That and there’s also lots of socializing, Shabbat meals, and parties. So […]

Oct 07

Ah. My joy at being registered for courses was very quickly replaced with DREAD. Now it would really begin. I’d sit in class completely lost, struggling to understand professors who’d speak at the speed of light in complicated jargon. What if, contrary to everything I’d heard, class participation was a thing, and professors picked on […]

Sep 16

I had my first macarons in Paris! They were delicious. Chocolate, passion fruit, raspberry, salted caramel, and lavender. We finished up our intensive French class this week. As the days went on, fewer and fewer people showed up to class, until we were down to just 6 people. We took our final on Friday, which […]

Sep 11

One week in and I’ve already managed to freak out the guy who works in the cheese shop next door. I see him every day– he’s always standing outside in the shop’s doorway– so I usually say hi when I leave for class in the morning. This guy is somewhat close to my age and […]

Sep 08

I feel like a horrible fan. Series 7 of Doctor Who premiered last week, and I still haven’t found the time to watch it. The second episode airs tonight. I need to catch up, and soon! Series 4 of The Thick of It starts tonight, too. It’s a British political satire and it’s one of […]

Sep 07

One of the four walls of my studio is mostly taken up by a window that looks out onto a bunch of other apartments. The window is wonderful, and I love sitting on the windowsill with my laptop, or while eating breakfast. I can usually smell the baked goods from the bakery next door, and […]

Sep 02

As crazy as it’s been, I’ve been having a lot of fun, too. My second night in Paris, a group of us from the hostel bought some food from a nearby supermarket and went to the huge lawn right by the Louvre for a picnic. We watched the sunset with a view of the Eiffel […]

Sep 02

Sunday! The day of rest here in France, when pretty much everything is closed, I finally get to sleep in, and even get some time to update this blog. Also, this song, but that doesn’t have anything to do with anything, except that I love it very much. This week has been absolutely crazy. We’ve […]

Gabrielle in Paris