Reading Questions-April 24th

  1. If the advocates of liberal education are saying that it is the “best” and that all students should obtain it, why are so many students opting to go to schools that don’t offer a liberal arts education like vocational schools? Is it for financial reasons? Does this mean that liberal education is only for the elite?
  2. Just like most institutions are doing mission creep and trying to become like Harvard, are most colleges trying to become liberal arts oriented?
  3. Is the economic recession a potential cause of 38% of parents claiming that the goal of college is to get a good job? Is it the immigrant mindset?
  4. Is the reason that most graduate and professional school require students to have a Bachelor’s before applying is that they value the benefits of a liberal arts education?
  5. If most employers mostly care about communication and problem solving skills which a liberal arts education is known to provide, shouldn’t colleges be doing more to make sure that parents understand the long term benefits of a liberal arts education?
  6. More and more research is showing that a college education is needed to succeed in the future. What are colleges and the government doing to make sure that college is affordable and students are getting the quality education?
  7. In the article that critiques liberal arts education, it is stated that students can learn some of the things that a liberal arts education teaches by themselves. The question is, are students motivated enough to do so, especially with so many distractions, like T.V. and the internet,  around them?
  8. How is technology contributing to the way students learn? Will listening to online lectures be the main way students learn rather than attending lectures in the future?
  9. If a liberal arts education is needed for students living in a democracy, is it not needed for non-democratic states?
  10.  Isn’t the increase in interest in making sure that an education leads to a job natural in a capitalist society like America?