Readings for the rest of the semester, starting May 1

The following are four chapters, most not long, from a book I found later in the semester which speaks directly to the future of higher education. You do not have to do any reading questions for these, but please try to read at least some of them, if not all of them, by our next class, May 1. Margaret will also be coming to the next two classes to work with you on structuring and formatting your presentations. These chapters will be used for a final writing assignment that will stand in for a conventional final exam.

All these are chapters from a book entitled: Reinventing Higher Education: The Promise of Innovation, a 2011 book edited by B. Wildavsky, A.P. Kelly and K. Carey,

Introduction, including at the end a description of other chapters not being assigned.  wkc intro

Chapter 1 on Barriers to Innovation in Higher Education, by D.J. Brewer and W.G. Tierney. wkc innovation

Chapter 8 on The Mayo Clinic of Higher Ed by K. Carey. wkc mayo
this is the chapter about a very innovative approach to teaching science that I have alluded to from time to time this semester — will be interested in what you think)

Conclusion, B. Wildavsky, A.P. Kelly, and K. Carey wkc conclusion

I will be using these readings for the written piece I will be asking you to write in lieu of a final. More on that later.




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