Lindsey’s Final Thoughts

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I spent three hours today doing job interviews via video conferencing. In one of those meetings, as I was describing this course, I was asked what I would do differently next time to make it even better. My initial thoughts were to reduce the number of readings and try and help facilitate clearer connections between […]

Wrapping up!

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Hi everyone! Today, at our final class meeting, I’m going to ask each of you to share your final digital thesis projects. Please be prepared to answer the following: how is this project not only a reflection of your written thesis, but a further development of your argument or ideas? If you want to continue to […]

Week 14 To-Do Lists

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  We made great progress this week! Please feel free to edit the Projects page with more information about your work as appropriate, and be in touch if you encounter any roadblocks.

Plan for May 13th

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May 13th is your digital thesis project work day. Come with a list of things to accomplish. Work anywhere in the Macaulay building (the atrium or the back balcony if we can, even!), alone or in a group. If you need help from Lindsey or Jenny that day, please e-mail to set that up in advance; […]

Plan for May 6th

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Our revised plan for May 6th is as follows: Meet up at 21st & 10th at 3 PM for a visit to EYEBEAM, where we will have a look at “The New Romantics” Head on up to the High Line, discuss the exhibit, and have a feedback session on everyone’s thesis projects–everyone brings something to […]

Resources for Week #12: Intersectionality and DH

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Resources Lindsey’s Google Doc Lauren’s slides (link forthcoming) Flashcard Machine Projects Presentation Skills Project (forthcoming) Intersectionality Flashcards (forthcoming)

Resources for Week #11: Digital Storytelling and What We Learned

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Lindsey’s Google Doc Videos Andrew Stanton on the clues to a great story Digital storytelling in plain English Josh Tyrangiel on storytelling across platforms The seven elements of digital storytelling Your Projects NCUR travelogue Presentation Skills Project

NCUR wrap-up

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The last day or so of our Kentucky sojourn has been “full of passionate intensity” (though not “the worst,” so my apologies to Yeats for mangling “The Second Coming”). Unfortunately, my photo of the twelve-person semi-drunken rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” which was performed during last night’s van ride from dinner to the hotel did not […]

NCUR Day 2

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We spent the bulk of our day today at the University of Kentucky. Gorgeous campus, and they appear to be very happy to host all of the students coming in for this great event. The energy in the air was interesting to observe; mostly, I was reminded that ten years makes a difference. Yowza. There […]

Hello from NCUR!

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Where apparently it is going to take me three tries to post this to the correct blog. Well, we made it to Lexington safe and sound. Drew ended up reserving a party bus to take us from airport to hotel, which was a big hit, and we had a great Macaulay team dinner tonight, at […]