Wrapping up!

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Hi everyone!

Today, at our final class meeting, I’m going to ask each of you to share your final digital thesis projects. Please be prepared to answer the following: how is this project not only a reflection of your written thesis, but a further development of your argument or ideas?

If you want to continue to make edits to your project, that’s fine–as long as all edits are complete by Macaulay graduation day, June 6. At that point your thesis project site must be available to the general public.

Sometime prior to graduation, please also do one more thing: write a final blog post over here. A letter to everyone in the class: me, Steve!, Jenny, your classmates, your advisor, your fellow NCUR attendees, Macaulay in general, whoever you want. Share your thoughts on the semester, whatever they may be. I would welcome suggestions for how to improve, always, but I would also like to hear what worked well for you, as well as anything else you would like to share.

I will do the same (probably next week sometime), and I’ll invite Jenny to do so as well. Let’s wrap up the blog conversation with some reflection on the wonderful small community we’ve built here, and on the lessons we’ll take with us as we all walk new paths.

Week 14 To-Do Lists

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Week 14 To-Do Lists


We made great progress this week! Please feel free to edit the Projects page with more information about your work as appropriate, and be in touch if you encounter any roadblocks.

Plan for May 13th

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May 13th is your digital thesis project work day. Come with a list of things to accomplish. Work anywhere in the Macaulay building (the atrium or the back balcony if we can, even!), alone or in a group.

If you need help from Lindsey or Jenny that day, please e-mail to set that up in advance; let us know what you’ll need help with and we’ll triage–what needs to happen first, second, third, etc.

At 5 pm that day, we’ll gather together in the 3rd floor classroom to reflect on and share the day’s accomplishments, make plans for the Macaulay Research Event, and strategize for how best to move forward with each project.

Plan for May 6th

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Our revised plan for May 6th is as follows:

Looking forward! In the meantime, please please please remember that Jenny and I are always available via e-mail. Do not hesitate to be in touch.

Class Schedule for April and May

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  • April 1: class meeting
  • April 2-5: trip to NCUR!
  • April 8: class meeting canceled
  • April 29: class meeting (w/ special guest Prof. Lauren Klein)
  • May 6: class field trip!
  • May 10: class trip to dance performance (this is a Saturday evening show–please plan accordingly. If you can, bring in $15 to cover the cost of the ticket)
  • May 13: class meeting (work session!)
  • May 16: Macaulay research event (we will discuss further/make a decision soon)
  • May 20: final class meeting

Resources for Week #10: Audience, Your NCUR Mission

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Overlapping Audiences

Article Comparison on Questions of Audience

Article Comparison on Questions of Audience

Your NCUR Mission

  1. Enjoy the trip!
  2. Document the experience as much as possible: take photo, videos, even just straight audio (your phone may be able to record this)
  3. At the end of each day, write down your thoughts and impressions (do this either by hand, on a device, or through blog posts–whatever works best for you. Lindsey is going to try and blog to the class eportfolio daily.)
  4. Finally, please interview the other Macaulay attendees about the topic of presenting itself. What tips would they have for other Macaulay students presenting at conferences? What have they learned from attending NCUR? What would they do differently next time? Interview your colleagues on video, take photographs of their presentations, write down notes. Make sure that some of your data collection is specifically geared towards this question of effective presentations.

Schedule for 3/25

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Hi everyone,

Here’s our updated plan for next Tuesday, which I worked out with Colby and Laura at the end of today’s session.

2-3 PM: Colby and Laura have one-on-one meetings with Jenny (Reading Room)

3 PM: Kerishma gives her draft presentation (3rd Floor Classroom)

Following presentation/feedback, we’ll use the classroom as workspace. I will endeavor to meet with everyone one-on-one. You can stay all the way until 5:40, or you can move on once you’ve had a one-on-one with me.

Bring stuff to work on: presentation materials primarily, and digital project materials if you want to work on that at all.

I hope this works for everyone–if not, let’s figure out changes in the comments.

See you all next week!

Resources/Notes for Weeks #8 & #9: Practice Presentations and Individual Consults

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Week 8: Practicing for NCUR

This Week’s Location: 2nd Floor Classroom, beginning promptly at 3 PM
Order of Presenters: Kerishma, Colby, Laura
Presentation Length: 15 minutes (we won’t cut you off if you go long, but we will tell you just how much longer you went, and give you advice on where and how to cut your material)

We will have an overall feedback session and discussion after all three presentations. Jenny will record your performances and post them (protected) on the eportfolio for your review. We will finalize our plans for 3/25.

Week 9: Individual Meetings

Date: Tuesday, March 25
 Meet with Jenny for 30 minutes, use the feedback from that meeting to work for 30 minutes, then meet with Lindsey for 30 minutes.
Meeting Location: 1st Floor Reading Room
Topic: your NCUR presentation or your digital thesis project, whichever needs more attention

Ideal schedule: 

  • Student #1 meets Jenny at 2 and Lindsey at 3
  • Student #2 meets Jenny at 2:30 and Lindsey at 3:30
  • Student #3 meets Jenny at 3 and Lindsey at 4

To-Do for Week 10 (April 1st)

Read one article on audience:

Continue revising and preparing your NCUR presentation, as well as developing your digital thesis project as appropriate.

Writing Goals for the Next Week

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This week's writing goals

This week’s writing goals

Today we revisited our goal-setting from last week’s class, and set a new round for this week:

  • Colby: Outline new outline, start writing second draft (add more on performance, “fill in the gaps”)
  • Kerishma: Outline Danaerys section and have most of it written. Mail what’s finished to Dr. U by Friday. Work on edits of previous sections. (Still thinking about audience.)
  • Laura: Improve Hitchcock sections, analyze scenes from both films. Meet with Lee to choose section to discuss at NCUR.
  • Lindsey: Comment on any drafts that are e-mailed to her; write 7-10 more pages of intro chapter to dissertation

Next week we will set our final round of writing goals. Please remember that if you start to procrastinate or feel anxiety about this process, Jenny and Lindsey are both available via e-mail (and will gladly talk you down off of any metaphorical ledges…). Good luck to all this week!