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I didn’t really know what to expect in our visit to the Chelsea galleries. I wasn’t much of a fan of art, but in retrospect, I really enjoyed our visit there. I learned a lot about the various styles of art and marveled at some of their drastic contrasts from one another. While I didn’t like much of the abstract expressionism, I was really intrigued by Kim Dorland’s works of art. I liked how his art would use the technique of synthetic cubism but take it to a whole new level and incorporate many real things into the painting itself. I especially liked his painting of the wooden hut with the keep out sign. To me, it represented all the things that were forbidden and told not to do by my parents or not seen as desirable in my childhood. His use of actual wood in this painting in constructing the wooden hut added to the glamour of the painting because it made the painting seem so real and vivid. Overall, the trip to the Chelsea galleries was quite interesting and enjoyable.

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