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Barrett Honors College:

Olga Idriss Davis, Associate Dean, Downtown Campus

Olga Idriss Davis is passionate about enhancing communication to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations. She helped establish a health coalition for refugee women in Maricopa County and was appointed by Governor Napolitano to serve on the State Commission on Women’s and Children’s Health. In addition, Davis is intricately involved in promoting health among the African American community in Arizona. She works with the Phoenix-based Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer and has created a narrative play, “The Journey: Living Cancer Out Loud,” based on interviews of the experience of African American survivors and caregivers of breast cancer which has been performed in various community and hospital venues in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Raising awareness in Black barbershops, Davis addresses knowledge of cardiovascular disease among African American men in Phoenix, Arizona.

Macaulay Honors College:

Joseph Ugoretz, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Academic Officer

Joseph Ugoretz earned his masters degree in the Teaching of English at Columbia University Teachers College, and his doctorate at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Dr. Ugoretz has taught high school English, served as a professor of English at a large urban community college and has led initiatives across the liberal arts, particularly in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) disciplines. He has taught fully online courses, first-year honors seminars, graduate courses, and high school English, as well as faculty development programs from workshops to retreats to unconferences.

Aside from the scholarship of teaching and learning, Dr. Ugoretz’ research interests include Urban Legends and Internet Lore, Science Fiction, and Oral Performance Art (the subject of his fieldwork with pitchmen at county fairs and carnivals, and of his essay, “Quacks, Yokels, and Light-Fingered Folk: Oral Performance Art at the Fair” in the 2006 collection Americana: Readings in American Popular Culture)