Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for JEHN?

Any student in good standing at Barrett Honors College or Macaulay Honors College may apply to JEHN.  The program welcomes applications from students of all races, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, national origins, abilities, social origins, ages, and the full diversity of human experience and background.  As a program focused on Justice and Equity, we are especially committed to inclusion.

What are the requirements?

To be considered for admission, you must be a student in good standing at Barrett Honors College or Macaulay Honors College.  (Incoming first-year students may also be accepted).  The application will require a personal statement, your transcript, and a summary of experiences you think are relevant.

If you are accepted as a JEHN Scholar, you will commit to

  • taking at least two JEHN courses during the academic year (ideally one per semester)
  • participating in the weekly Online Synthesis Sessions
  • designing and presenting a JEHN Project at the Summer Gathering
  • attending the JEHN Summer Gathering

What are the weekly Online Synthesis Sessions?

The Online Synthesis Sessions are the intellectual core and the social heart of the JEHN community.  Each week, every JEHN Scholar will participate in an Online Synthesis Session.  These sessions will be scheduled at a convenient time each week so that the entire cohort will be able to attend.  Attendance at the Synthesis Sessions each week is required for JEHN Scholars.

During the Online Synthesis Sessions, the JEHN Scholars from both Macaulay and Barrett will discuss what they are learning in their JEHN courses, make connections to current events and issues of concern, and develop ideas for the JEHN Projects they will present at the Summer Gathering.  There will be required readings, low-stakes writing assignments and some guest speakers/visitors, but the bulk of the sessions will be discussion-based.

The Online Synthesis Sessions will be co-taught by two instructors, one each from Macaulay and Barrett.

What will the Justice and Equity Summer Gathering be like?

The Justice and Equity Summer Gathering is a time for all JEHN Scholars to come together as a cohort in person.  After working together over the academic year in the Online Integration Sessions, the JEHN Scholars will spend at least one week during the summer at the Gathering.

All expenses (airfare, lodging, meals and activities) will be paid for JEHN Scholars to attend the gathering, which will be located at relevant locations chosen to meet the needs and interests of the cohort.

The program for the Summer Gathering will include time for student presentations, community service/activism in the local communities, cultural activities, socializing and recreation.  There will also be guest speakers and presentations from local organizations.

Will I have to pay any extra tuition?

There will be no extra financial burden on students who participate in JEHN.

Will my JEHN courses count towards my requirements?

JEHN courses may count towards your graduation requirements, but it will depend on your major and your campus.  In some cases, they may be counted as electives, while in other cases they may fulfill specific degree requirements.  All JEHN courses will be credit-bearing courses and will be part of your schedule for the semester during which you take them.

Will this increase my time to graduation?

The JEHN program should not increase the time it takes you to graduate.  The JEHN courses will carry at least three credits each, and should count towards your full-time courseload.

What benefits will I receive?

JEHN Scholars will receive a focused and intellectually robust attention to issues of justice and equity, and the opportunity to connect their academic progress to their commitment to addressing these issues.  They will also receive mentoring, career coaching, and cultural activities, as well as the opportunity to meet and share ideas while making connections with students from different parts of the country who share their interests. Bringing together a coherent philosophy and plan of action to make change, the Justice and Equity Honors Scholars will help to create a more peaceful, equitable, just, and inclusive world.

All JEHN Scholars will receive full funding to attend the JEHN Summer Gathering, as well as access to supplemental grant funding to support experiential learning connected to their Justice and Equity ideals.

Upon completing the JEHN year, at the time of graduation, every JEHN will scholar will receive a Justice and Equity Honors Certificate.