On Posting Responses

Posting responses for the course is simple!

First, you need to be sure you’re a member of the course: you can do that on the home page of this site, on the right side, where it says ‘add users.’  Once you’ve added yourself as a user (email Scott for the password), you’ll be an author on our site, and you’ll be able to post responses.

To do that visit the Dashboard, which you can get to via the navigation bar at the top of the page.

(You can also get to it through ‘Site Admin’ in the lower right of the page, or by typing ‘/wp-admin’ at the end of the url).

Once you’re on the dashboard, click POST>ADD NEW in the left-hand menu.  You’ll see this:


1. Give your post a title.  It’s very helpful for all involved if you include in the title YOUR NAME and the DATE OF THE CLASS to which you’re responding (not the date you’re responding on, the one you’re writing about).

2. Type your response into this area.

3.  VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT!  Be sure to click the box under categories next to the date you’re writing about. They aren’t in order, you’ll have to search to find it.  This will allow your posted response to appear in the proper place in the ‘responses’ drop-down on the home page, and then you can be sure Professor Kahan can find it. If you do not click the proper date, it’ll be more difficult to give you proper credit.

4.  Hit publish, and you’re done!  As always, email Scott with any issues or questions.

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