Posting Audio to Our Site

Posting audio as a podcast to our site is easy, but takes a couple steps to do right.  Here’s how:

1) First, attach your digital recorder to your laptop, and drag your audio file to your computer (you can drag it anywhere you like, but I find it’s easier to just leave it on the desktop while working).

2) Now go to the dashboard of our class site, and create a new post.  Before we go further categorize it as Our John Cage Projects.

3) Then click ADD MEDIA and add the audio as you would any other media.  The only thing that’s different is that instead of INSERT INTO POST, you want to copy the link you see circled in this screenshot:

And then close that window.

4) Now scroll down the page of your post.  Way down you’ll come across a section called “Podpress.”  Copy that url that you copied above into the proper field (1, in the image below).  Then click Auto Detect next to ‘File Size’ and ‘Duration’ (2).  Lastly, copy the phrase [display_podcast] that you see next to (3) in the image below:

5) Now go back up to your post, paste that phrase [display_podcast] anywhere into the field.  As here:

6) Publish your post.  You should see something like this:

Do check to be sure that it works.  You might find that it takes a second for your podcast to start, but that’s okay. You’re done!

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