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Dublin Day 1
| January 16, 2012 | 7:24 PM | Ireland | Comments closed

My dad and I landed in Dublin this morning bright (well, the sun was just starting to rise, so not quite) and early at a little after 8AM. After getting very little sleep on our 5.5 hour flight from Philly to Dublin (we had to connect after a flight from NYC to Philly) we were both pretty tired, but since we couldn’t check in to our hotel until 2PM, we decided to hit the ground running. After driving around the city for awhile, we decided to go to the Guinness Storehouse

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Reaching for Roots
| January 14, 2012 | 4:01 PM | Ireland | Comments closed

The last time I visited Ireland it was the summer after 7th grade, and I was only 12 years old. Almost 8 years later, and I’m finally heading back! My Dad and I leave for Ireland tomorrow. We will be visiting family for sure, as we always do, but I’m especially looking forward to actually seeing some of the country – we land in Dublin, where we’ll spend a day and a half, and then were heading to Waterford, and then up to Galway for a couple of days. Then, next weekend, it’s up north (County Tyrone) to stay with my Grandpa and visit the nearby family (uncles, aunts, cousins galore), with a day trip to Belfast thrown in before we leave next Thursday.

I’ve decided to chronicle my little adventure here every though it’s not a study abroad, because I love being able to look back at my posts from Germany and Australia.

Slán go fóill

| December 11, 2011 | 1:05 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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That is the number of words I have done for my 6000 word history paper (that’s about 25 pages). And it’s due…oh yes, tomorrow (AHHHH). But I’m fairly confident I’ll get it done. I always manage to pull such things off. Read more »

Christmas Cheer
| November 30, 2011 | 3:26 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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I had a fabulous Thanksgiving (evidenced by the plate of food below) despite the fact that I spent most of it writing a paper.

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Macaulay Hunter Community?
| October 6, 2011 | 11:17 AM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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One of the most common questions I get asked by prospective students is about the Macaulay community – the fact that Macaulay doesn’t consist of your nontraditional campus can be scary (even if that’s what you’re looking for!). I recently got an email from a prospective student and got asked this question again, so I thought I’d just write a blog post for future referencing purposes. Read more »

The Calm Before the Storm
| October 4, 2011 | 2:47 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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Rather than spend my 5-day weekend parting it up, I spent my Friday night making flashcards for studying German history, and went to bed early on Saturday so I wouldn’t be tired for work on Sunday (I did enjoy a mini-Buffy marathon with my BFF on Wednesday night. It’s awesome that Netflix has the entire series on Watch Instantly!). Read more »

Boston Bound
| September 23, 2011 | 5:27 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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It always amazes me how soon into the semester I have to start thinking about the end. It’s final project/paper proposal time, which means I’m trying to narrow down the following subjects into paper-sized topics: 20th century German history, the 2012 doomsday prediction and health care. Read more »

Back in the Saddle
| September 14, 2011 | 10:40 AM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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So many plans were made for my summer, and so few accomplished! I went to the beach all of ONCE 🙁 and didn’t really achieve any of the lofty intellectual or skill building goals I had intended (outside of my research assistant position at Roosevelt House). I did have alot of fun, but it seems as though, three weeks into the semester, that hasn’t changed! Though it took me awhile to get settled back into the dorms (First Irene and then labor day weekend!) this weekend I finally finished unpacking my clothes and plugged in my fridge. I feel as though I’ve almost got this term’s rhythm down – class, work, research, gym, eat, sleep, socialize (it’s always a juggling act). Read more »

Heat Wave & Harry Potter
| July 24, 2011 | 1:20 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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Ugh. NYC summers. Usually great, but man it has been WAY too hot. And of course, now that it’s finally cool enough (how sad is it when 90 is cool?) to go to the beach without being burnt to a crisp, it’s overcast and supposed to rain tomorrow!? Bummer. Read more »

Halfway done already…
| July 16, 2011 | 12:34 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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In honor of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (which I saw at midnight Thursday – so awesome!), I’ll begin my post with a Dumbledore quote:

“Time is making fools of us again.”
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