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Moving On

I’ve moved on to a position at the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture at Georgia Tech. While I will no longer continue to update this site, it will remain up as a document of my instructional technology work while … Continue reading

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How We Know What We Know: Thomas Jefferson, James Hemings, and the Task of the Scholar (and Teacher) in the Digital Age

The following remarks (here slightly condensed and reformatted) were prepared for a talk about the role of digital humanities scholarship in the classroom, although you’ve got to get to the very end before you see some of the pedagogical scenarios … Continue reading

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The Macaulay Eportfolio Collection: A Case Study in the Uses of Social Networking for Learning

By popular request, here’s (most of) the text of my talk from the Social Networking panel at the 2011 MLA. I’ve condensed the first part, since it described the social network we set up for our incoming freshmen, and it’s … Continue reading

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Building a Course Website for Future Use

I had two main objectives when I set out to design the companion website for my MA-level methods course. The first was pedagogical: I wanted to take advantage of the informality associated with blogging in order to approach assignments that … Continue reading

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The Food Doc Project

Since my dissertation research is also about the cultural significance of food, I’ve often thought about how I might teach a course on the subject. When Professor Cho asked if I had any other ideas for her Food, Self, and … Continue reading

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