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Class Discussion: Andrew and Reid

“Chapter 7: Growing Up West Indian and African American: Gender and Class Differences in the Second Generation” -By Mary C. Waters In preparation for the class discussion, we split the article in half, where Reid would discuss the first half… Continue Reading →

Andrew Betz Annotated Bibliography

Billingham, Chase M. “THE BROADENING CONCEPTION OF GENTRIFICATION: RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AND AVENUES FOR FUTURE INQUIRY IN THE SOCIOLOGICAL STUDY OF URBAN CHANGE.” Michigan Sociological Review 29 (2015): 75-102.JSTOR. Web. 23 Apr. 2017.   This article by Chase M. Billingham calls… Continue Reading →

Diasporic Media Helps Combat Gender Based Violence

The Caribbean Diaspora has reached out, populating lands far from its islands of origin.  With the spread of these people comes the diffusion of ideas, customs, and other cultural sentiments. Additionally comes mixed responses of community members in their new… Continue Reading →

This is a Box of Pasta…

  This is a box of pasta. For the longest time, this was what reminded me of my Italian heritage, not necessarily the pasta itself, but the Sunday dinners our family had with my grandparents while my step grandfather was… Continue Reading →

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