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Class Discussion: Andrew and Reid

“Chapter 7: Growing Up West Indian and African American: Gender and Class Differences in the Second Generation” -By Mary C. Waters In preparation for the class discussion, we split the article in half, where Reid would discuss the first half… Continue Reading →

Class Discussion: Mariana and Taryn

Caribbean Family Reunions Sutton, Constance R. “Celebrating Ourselves: The Family Reunion Rituals of African-Caribbean Transnational Families”.  Global Networks; Jul2004, Vol. 4 Issue 3: 243-257.   Brief: We met to discuss the article, its themes and how we are going to… Continue Reading →

Class Discussion: Susan and Mario

“On Leaving and Joining Africanness through Religion: The ‘Black Caribs’ across Multiple Diasporic Horizons” Paul Christopher Johnson Susan I began the class discussion by putting the ethnogenesis of the Garifuna in historical context.  My first goal for the discussion was… Continue Reading →

Class Discussion: Mia and Jonas

In preparation for our class presentation Jonas and I met to discuss the elements of this article. We decided that it would be most beneficial to the class to spilt the article in the five digestable sections: Vodou origins, Vodou… Continue Reading →

Class Discussion: Katherine and Qing

In the interest of saving time – as we had to tackle a few objectives of the final exhibition project in class – we did not have the class write their reactions to the article on the chalkboard. Instead, we… Continue Reading →

Media and Identity | Osama and Guy

Reading prior to presenting is important, but reading with purpose and co-operation is what makes a good joint plan. Unfortunately, we abandoned ship on the former and met up together to discuss the issues brought up in both articles, how… Continue Reading →

Class Discussion: Noel and Elijah

Initially, the idea of leading class for a day didn’t seem too daunting of a task. But it was only after we started planning how the class session should go that we realized that there were many more challenges to… Continue Reading →

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