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Bring Home a Taste of the Dominican Republic

“Jonas, voy al aeropuerto, ¿quieres venir?” asks my mom in Spanish from her room as she gets her things ready to go. This translates to “Jonas, I’m going to the airport, want to come?” I hardly ever turn down an invitation… Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Trophy

The item in this picture is a learning tool that’s helpful for learning and looking up Chinese characters, phrases, and poems. The yellow buttons are different functional keys while the ones blue are consonants and the ones in red are… Continue Reading →

Home is Where?

Home is where the heart is – or, in my particular case, wherever the Air Force sends your family. Growing up, I was moved around to different places, and I had a whole family that was spread out across the… Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Rosaries

August 5th 2013 will forever be a date engraved in my mind. It was three days before I was scheduled to pay a visit to my homeland of Haiti. It was also the day I received the most dreadful phone… Continue Reading →

This is a Box of Pasta…

  This is a box of pasta. For the longest time, this was what reminded me of my Italian heritage, not necessarily the pasta itself, but the Sunday dinners our family had with my grandparents while my step grandfather was… Continue Reading →

My Unconventional Identity Post

My family’s heritage traces back primarily to Ireland and Italy, with the name “Johnson” originating in Sweden. However, my family has been in America for so many generations, and has progressively assimilated as such, that there are no significant cultural… Continue Reading →

For as long as I can remember, white rice and red beans has been my staple food. I literally grew up on just this one dish. I was such a picky eater that when my family would go out to… Continue Reading →

My Identity Post

I’ve never really thought too much about my cultural identity.  I think that each successive generation of a family that lives in America loses a little bit of touch with their cultural identity.  Growing up, I saw that my friends… Continue Reading →

The Tekym

The traditional Albanian wedding dress, the tekum, is a prominent symbol for the extravagant and extensive process inherent in Albanian marriages. This entire process can span for almost a month in some cases, with many ceremonies and parties involved such as… Continue Reading →

Arroz and Nuo Mi Fan

“One… Two… Three…” I used to count the number of times that my mother’s kitchen knife would hit the cutting board while she prepared dinner. There’s a certain solace that comes with the sputter, sizzle, and steam of a hot… Continue Reading →

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