Week 5

Feb. 28

Readings: Parker, J. 2004. “Capital of The Caribbean”: The African American-West Indian “Harlem Nexus” And The Transitional Drive For Black Freedom, 1940-1948. Journal of African American History, 89(2), 98-117.

March 2

Marshall, Paule. Brown Girl, Brownstones.

Week 6

March 7

Marshall, Paule. Brown Girl, Brownstones.

March 9

Readings: Glick Schiller, Nina; Linda Basch; Cristina Szanton Blanc. 1995. “From Immigrant to Transmigrant: Theorizing Transnational Migration”. Anthropological Quarterly, Vol. 68, No. 1: 48-63.

Week 7

March 14

Tanikella, Leela. 2009. “Voices From Home and Abroad: NYC’s Indo-Caribbean Media”.

International Journal of Cultural Studies. V. 12(2) 167-185. (PDF)

Gentiles-Peart, Kamille. 2014. “’Fiwi TV’: Ethic Media and the West Indian Diaspora”. International Journal of Cultural Studies. Vol. 17(6):603-617.

March 21

Fog Olwig, Karen.“New York as a Locality in a Global Family Network”. (Ch.5 in Islands in the City).

In class: Develop research topics and create groups in class

Week 8

March 23

Waters, Mary. “Growing Up West Indian and African American” (Ch. 7 Islands in the City)  

***Diasporic media assignment due on course website

Saturday, March 25 Walking tour, Flatbush, Brooklyn

Week 9

March 28&30

March 28

Lundy, Garvey. 2011. “Transnationalism in the Aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake: Reinforcing Ties and 2nd  Generation Identity” Journal of Black Studies. V. 42, No. 2.: 203-224. (PDF)

Danticat, Edwidge. 2010. Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work. (Ch. 1) and (Ch. 6).


Week 10

April 4&6

2004. Dew Breaker. Vintage Books: New York.


Week 13


April 25

Marshall, Wayne. 2006. “Bling-Bling for Rastafari: How Jamaicans Deal with Hip-Hop”. Social and Economic Studies, Vol. 55, No. 1&2: 49-74. (PDF)

***Annotated bibliographies due

April 27

Allen, Ray. 1999. “J’ouvert in Brooklyn Carnival: Revitalizing Steel Pan and Ole Mas Traditions”. Western Folklore, Vol. 58, No. 3/4:. 255-277. (PDF)


Week 14

May 2&4

Wilcken, Lois. 2005. “The Sacred Music and Dance of Haitian Vodou from Temple to Stage and the Ethics of Representation”. Latin American Perspectives. Issue 40, Vol. 32, #1. (PDF)

***Individual exhibition scripts due

Film: The Other Side of the Water


Week 15

May 9&11

Johnson, Paul Christopher. 2007. “On Leaving and Joining Africaness Through Religion: The  ‘Black Caribs’ Across Multiple Diasporic Horizons”. Journal of Religion in Africa. Vol. 37, Issue 2: pp. 174-211. (PDF)

Sutton, Constance R. “Celebrating Ourselves: The Family Reunion Rituals of African-Caribbean Transnational Families”.  Global Networks; Jul2004, Vol. 4 Issue 3: 243-257. (PDF)


Week 15

May 16&18

Potter, et al. 2009. “Transnationalism Personified: Young Returning Trinidadians ‘in their own words’. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie –, Vol. 100(1), 101–113. (PDF)


Last class—Group Exhibitions due