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To unify all 8 Macaulay Honors College campuses, build community, and increase communication.
We are the voice of Macaulay students!

More than just a student government body, the Macaulay Scholars Council is an influential voice of the Macaulay student body at CUNY, helping to foster the essential dual identity every honors student bears. The group is led by four representatives from each of the eight campuses, but all students are welcome to participate and contribute. The Council’s mission is to promote an informed and involved student body, building cross-campus relationships through sponsorship of various activities and providing counseling to the Macaulay administration. Contact us for any questions or comments. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with news, events, and more!

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Suha Chaudhury

Presides over the Scholars Council at large. Addressing all questions and concerns!
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Zobia Jamal

VP of Academic Affairs
Reports to MSC about the College Council and their updates and promotes special course offerings pertaining to curriculum and classes.
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Erin Foo

VP of Campus Affairs
Ensures club events are open to a broad Macaulay population. Liason for all student clubs/leaders to MSC.
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Taly Kronisch

VP of Community Service
Coordinates community service events accessible to all students.
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Laila Gad

VP of Finance
Consolidates the budget. Shall approve and allocate club funding.
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Marieya Jagroop

VP of IT/Communications
Ensures communication throughout the student body and council. Markets events hosted by Macaulay and Macaulay students.
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Alexandra Kern

VP of Student Life
Coordinates Scholars Council social events.


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