February 23, 2011

Macaulay Scholars Council Charter

Macaulay Scholars Council Charter and Mission Statement

The Mission of the Macaulay Scholars Council (MSC) is to create an informed, enthusiastic, and involved student body by:

  • Fostering cross-campus community through organization and sponsorship of co-curricular activities, including community service opportunities and social events
  • Overseeing the establishment, operation and activities of Macaulay Honors College (MHC) student clubs and publications
  • Providing a mechanism for effective student involvement in MHC decision-making
  • Disseminating information to MHC students
  • Protecting MHC students’ rights and welfare

Representative Information

The MSC is made up of one representative from each class at each campus. At the beginning of each academic year, after the elections, a list of representatives with their class, home campus and contact information will be placed on the MSC website. Students are also strongly encouraged to place a short biography and picture on the website to increase their accessibility.


Elections are held in the fall and are organized by the Associate Director of Student Development. Candidates submit statements of interest, which are available to be viewed online. Voting also occurs online. Students are notified about the election process via email. In the event of a tie, the vote will go back to the members of the campus’ class who will choose between the two tied candidates.

Replacing representatives between elections:

If a representative leaves the council due to poor attendance or resigns from their seat, the runner-up in the original election will be offered his or her seat. If no runner-up was named in the election of that seat, then runner-ups of the other MSC seats of that campus may take the place of the representative. If there is no runner-up available or willing to take the seat, a volunteer may take the place of the resigned representative with majority approval from the MSC.

The Executive Board of the council shall be voted in from within the (32) representatives of the council within 3 weeks of the election results being announced. Any vacant positions of the executive board shall be heard and determined by the council at large within 1 meeting of the official vacancy.


In each semester, there should be a minimum of one Macaulay Scholars Council general meeting per month.

A quorum is the minimum number of members of the council that must be present at any meeting to make the proceedings of the meeting valid. The quorum of the MSC is one half the number of elected representatives, plus one.

MSC general meetings are open to the entire MHC community. (MSC general meetings are the monthly meetings at which all representatives are expected to be present – see attendance policy below – and are separate from committee meetings – also discussed below.)

Attendance policy:

  1. If a representative has a conflict that prevents them from attending an MSC general meeting, he/she should inform the Associate Director of Student Development, and the acting chair, 24 hours prior to the meeting. The Associate Director of Student Development will decide what is and is not a legitimate absence.
  2. If a representative has two unexcused absences in the same semester, he/she will receive a warning email from the IT/Communications committee and from the Associate Director of Student Development. The email will also be sent to their advisor, to inform them of the representative’s actions.
  3. If a representative has a third unexcused absence, the representative will no longer be considered part of the council. The IT/Communications committee, in tandem with the Associate Director of Student Development, will inform the student, their advisor, and the entire council.

Duties of the Council

In achieving the goals laid forth by the mission statement, the council will adhere to the following criterion and requirements:

  1. The Student Council shall have an executive board comprised of 7 members.
  2. No more than 50% of the executive board shall be from the same campus.
  3. The Council will be composed of five permanent Committees. Each committee (with the exception of Academic Affairs) is expected to meet monthly, either physically or virtually.
    1. Student Club Budget Committee shall consist of the President, VP Finance, and VP Campus Affairs. A quorum must be met of 3 members and can be filled by the members of the Scholars Council at large. The committee shall review club budgets and determine an allocation to be given to the club, to be approved the scholars council at large to approve
  4. The Roles of MSC members shall be as follows:
    1. Shall sit on a standing committee of a Vice President
    2. Communicate with home campus and vice versa
    3. Required to take part in 1 MSC event and 1 Macaulay event per year
    4. Attend all MSC meetings as per the attendance policy
    5. Shall communicate with members of their campus about campus issues
  5. The roles of Club/Organization Leaders shall be as follows:
    1. Shall provide 1 representative to each meeting of the MSC to give updates about club meetings, events and initiatives.
    2. Shall act as a liaison between club & MSC for any issues or concerns.
  6. Duties of the Executive Board are as follows:


      • Presiding over the Scholars Council at large
      • Answering any questions or concerns
      • Chair meetings of the scholars council
      • Consolidate the agenda
      • Enforce the attendance policy
      • Shall have the tie-breaking vote

Vice President of Finance

      • Shall consolidate the budget
      • Chair meeting of club budget committee and schedule meetings as needed
      • Shall approve and allocate club funding
      • shall maintain accurate records of the budget
      • Shall Coordinate club budget appeals
      • Aid club officers and scholars council members with financial questions/situations

Vice President of IT & Communications

      • Will manage website and social media
      • Assist clubs with advertising
      • Ensuring easy communication within the council
      • Responsible for taking minutes and posting on website
      • Advertising MSC general meetings
      • Shall chair a committee consisting of representatives of the Scholars Council to facilitate these duties

Vice President of Academic Affairs

      • Shall sit on College Council
      • Shall report on the college council to MSC
      • Promote special course offerings pertaining to curriculum and classes
      • Shall represent the needs of MHC students pertaining to Academic Affairs
      • Liason to campus advisors
      • Shall chair a committee consisting of 4 representatives of the Scholars Council to facilitate these duties

Vice President of Community Service

      • Coordinate community service events accessible to all students
      • Promote community service opportunities
      • Shall work with student clubs pertaining to community service and connect clubs to community service organizations
      • Work with the Academic Affairs committee and Macaulay administration to examine and update the Macaulay community service requirement as necessary
      • Shall chair a committee consisting of representatives of the scholars council to facilitate these duties

Vice President of Student Life

      • Coordinating Scholars Council social events (ie: Spring Formal, etc.)
      • Working with groups that plan stand-alone events (ie: Arts Night)
      • Coordinate diversified program of concerts, films, and other social and cultural functions in order to provide the broadest possible scope of activities available to Macaulay student body
      • Shall chair a committee consisting of representatives of the Scholars Council to facilitate these duties

Vice President of Campus Affairs

      • Defining and maintaining procedures a for the creation of new Macaulay student clubs and pubs
      • Ensure club events are open to a broad Macaulay population (ie working with IT/Communications as necessary)
      • Liason for all student clubs/leaders to MSC
      • Ensure clubs are active
      • Review Club Charters for new clubs
      • Coordinate co-club interaction/events
      • Shall chair a committee consisting of representatives of the Scholars Council to facilitate these duties
  1. Committee chairs will report on their committee meetings and activities, including future planning, at every MSC meeting.
  2. Roles of the chair and secretary/minutes taker:
    1. The chairperson is responsible for setting the meeting agenda, which includes taking submissions from representatives in advance as well as standard agenda items. They are also responsible for sending the agenda to the entire MSC and all meeting attendees.
    2. The secretary is responsible for taking detailed and accurate notes during the meeting. The secretary is also responsible for ensuring the minutes are posted on the MSC website.

Amending the Charter

  • In order to make changes to the charter or mission statement, the votes of one-half of the members plus one are required to make changes to the charter.
  • This charter is amendable and fluid in nature; its purpose is to efficiently serve the needs of the MHC students and fully avail any opportunity to strengthen and solidify the Macaulay Honors College community.

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