September 27, 2016


These are the clubs and special initiatives that have been approved/reactivated for the 2017-2018 school year.


Art of Science

Mission: The club’s purpose is to create a forum for students to explore the confluence of the fields of art and science through discussion and collaboration on projects.
Main Contact: Samantha Lish;

Macaulay Book Club

Mission: The Macaulay Book Club aims to bring together students across Macaulay who share a passion for literature, reading, and writing. In the book club, we aim to provide a safe space for students to voice their thoughts and opinions, share their writing, and have a dialogue about the books we read as a club each semester.
Main Contact: Elizabeth Mashkow;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook

Macaulay Business Club


Mission: Our purpose is to bring the power of business to CUNY. We host professional development workshops, panel events, and company tours in order to give students insight into the business world.
Main Contact: Othilla Wlodarczyk and Nicolette Hussain; and
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook

Macaulay Chess Club

Mission: To help the chess players of our school improve their game, have fun, and learn about one of the oldest games in history.
Main Contact: Vanessa Sun;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook group

Macaulay Creative Writing Club


Mission: To foster an environment of workshops, open-ended discussion, and collaborative creative growth.
Main Contact: Margaret Iuni;
Club Email:
Social Media: Website, Facebook

Macaulay Crew


Mission: To promote confidence, unity, and expression via the Hip Hop culture.
Main Contact: Demi Moore;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Macaulay Dancers


Mission: To compete in regional dance competitions with modern/lyrical and jazz style dances.
Main Contact: Olivia Brown and Jessica Sun; OLIVIANYC@AOL.COM and JESSICA.SUNUSA@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: WebsiteFacebook

Macaulay Deewane


Mission: Macaulay Deewane is CUNY Macaulay’s premier co-ed Bollywood Fusion Dance Team. Our mission is to spread Bollywood dance and the culture within our community and beyond. We are a performance and competition team with a focus on working with charitable non-profit organizations to bring happiness and warmth through different styles of dance to as many people as we can. Join us and follow us in our journey to make you deewane.
Main Contact: Pooja Dutta; POOJA.PRINCESS@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Macaulay DREAMers 

Mission: To create a welcoming community for all Macaulay/CUNY students regardless of their status in this country. We want to foster an environment in which they feel like the limitations they may face in different aspects of their lives–academic, professional, and emotional–could be overcome with the proper tools and skills.
Main Contact: George Kenefati;
Club Email:

Macaulay Gastronomy Club

Mission: Find new cuisines to introduce to the students of Macaulay; organize events that will unite our members from each home campus; open our members’ minds to the culinary arts and nutritional habits; discover and explore the cultural diversity that characterizes NYC!
Main Contact: Vickie Savvides;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook group

Macaulay Habitat for Humanity

Mission: Our club is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity which is a non-profit organization that strives to give homes to those less fortunate. Families in need are given the opportunity to partner with Habitat, paying back the money used to build their home by volunteering. Our Chapter builds with Habitat as often as possible, usually at least once a month.
Main Contact: Byungzoon Kang; GYUNGSU7@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook

Macaulay Innovation Club

Mission: To inspire self-starters to become the leaders of tomorrow by providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources
Main Contact: Katherine Dorovitsine;
Club Email:

Humans of Macaulay


Mission: We at HOM believe in uniting the students of Macaulay through the sharing of experiences and stories within the 8 CUNY campuses. Our objective is to enhance, build, and develop connections within the Macaulay community via Humans of Macaulay.
Main Contact: Jemema Joya; JEMEMAJOYA1996@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Macaulay Marauders Quidditch Team


Mission: The Macaulay Marauders are the only sports team affiliated with Macaulay Honors College. We play competitive collegiate quidditch under United States Quidditch while having fun.
Main Contact: Nancy Larcher;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook

Macaulay Messenger Online Newsletter


Mission: The purpose of the Messenger is to serve as an informative newsletter for the Macaulay community. The Macaulay Messenger is a WordPress website run via the Macaulay Eportfolios. It features articles written by students across the campuses about a wide range of topics including Campus News, Arts and Culture, Nation and World, Opinions, Science, and Sports. We serve as a unique platform for students to write pieces and read what their peers have to say. We encourage you to join the Messenger to be more involved in Macaulay.
Main Contact: Vickie Savvides and Sandy Mui; VICKIESAVVIDES@GMAIL.COM and SANDYMUI1134@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Website, Facebook

Macaulay Musicians’ Collective


Mission: The Macaulay Musicians’ Collective is a group of CUNY students who play jazz, rock, funk and fusion together. We have performed at Arts Nights, Spring Formals, CUFF and many other events. Please contact us if you are interested in either playing with us or having us play at an event, academic or private.
Club Email:
Social Media: FacebookSoundcloud

Macaulay Photography Club


Mission: The purpose of this organization is to unite a group of Macaulay photographers or students interested in photography to take pictures for personal, club, and MHC endeavors.
Main Contact: Maisha Kamal;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Macaulay Pre-Health Professions Club


Mission: Our mission is to partner with pre-health students as they pursue their careers. We do this through mentoring, insightful speaker events, educational workshops, and networking opportunities with alumni and organizations.
Main Contact: Heba Shaaban; HEBASHAABAN1@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook

Macaulay Psychology Club

Mission: This club has three major missions. The first is to dispel the idea that psychology is Freudian therapy, when in fact, there are different fields one can study and different career pathways that one can take.The second is to provide psychology majors, minors, and lovers across the eight Macaulay campuses different sources of support for their education. Our third and last mission is to reach out to the students of Macaulay Honors College and support their emotional and mental health needs.
Main Contact: Alex Veerasammy; ALEXVEERASAMMY@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Macaulay Queer Alliance

Mission: To unify those across all Macaulay-CUNY Campuses who identify as members of the LGBT community. To provide support and address issues specific to LGBT College students. Additionally, to provide community service through this club, giving back to the NYC LGBT community.
Main Contact: Alexander Legg;

Macaulay Service Initiative


Mission: A cross campus initiative aimed at promoting and fostering a spirit of service within the Macaulay community. We aim to engage students by arranging domestic and international service trips and holding educational workshops and fundraising events to increase student awareness of community service and sustainable development.
Main Contact: Libby Ho; LIBBY.M.HO@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook

South Asian Health & Development Initiative


Mission: We are a student-run service and volunteer organization based in the Macaulay Honors College that focuses on health and education access issues abroad in South Asia and domestically with the South Asian diaspora communities in New York City. We also seek to raise cultural awareness and appreciation within the Macaulay community.
Main Contact: Navin Rana; NAVINRANA13@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Macaulay S.P.A.R.K.: Students Partnering and Reaching Kids

Mission:- Help underprivileged elementary school students in the NYC area gain confidence and self-esteem through teaching SPARK workshops. – Empower students by teaching them leadership and public speaking skills – Partner with local primary schools and homeless shelters that host young children, and develop SPARK workshops for these children. – Host a SPARK Networking Night to connect SPARK mentors with other programs that focus on teaching or empowering NYC’s youth.
Main Contact: Asheley Siewnarine;
Club Email:
Social Media: Website

Macaulay Spoon University

Mission: Spoon University is an online platform for college students around the world to share their thoughts and experiences with food, ranging from restaurant reviews to recipes to nutrition. Macaulay’s chapter of Spoon University aims to add diversity to this resource by sharing family traditions and study abroad experiences. We are also here to build a reputation for Macaulay as New York City’s hidden academic and cultural mine.
Main Contact: Julianna Romero;
Club Email:

Macaulay Theater Club

11822758_1613973728862485_122610662364433599_nMission: To help bring the powerful nature of the performing arts into the Macaulay world, and bring together students with passions, or even just small interests, in singing, dancing, and acting alike. We are trying to bring together the eight Macaulay campuses to explore theatrical techniques and their physical, psychological, emotional, social, and vocational elements. Theater can be a powerful tool, and we hope to work as a community to create a piece of entertainment for our audience while we learn about ourselves in the process.
Main Contact: Sarah Dunford,
Club Email:
Social Media: Website, Facebook

Macaulay Triplets


Mission: To create a semi-professional, competitive, collegiate musical ensemble for singers, which fosters the development of the Macaulay Honors College community through the practice and performance of vocal music, and to share the talent of its performers in community, private, and school performances, and competitions.
Main Contact: Nicholas Leung;
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook, Fundraising 

Macaulay YES: Youth Events for Seniors

Mission: The Macaulay YES Club is a service club for both Macaulay and CUNY students that aims to bridge the intergenerational gap between senior citizens and college students by providing opportunities to interact with the elderly. Participate in a number of activities such as playing board games, doing manicures, arts & crafts activities, and more!
Main Contact: Megan Wong,
Club Email:
Social Media: Facebook group


Special Initiatives 

Art Tank


Mission: The Macaulay Art Tank aims to connect the Macaulay student body to the arts in New York City through museum trips, art-making, collaborative events with other clubs, the internet, and Macaulay Arts Night, an annual student-curated event showcasing Macaulay’s diverse talents.
Main Contact: Sabrina Cohn; SCOHN222@GMAIL.COM
Club Email:
Social Media: Website, Macaulay Septopus

Macaulay Diversity Initiative

Mission: A group on committed people working together to create a feeling of belonging, inclusion and comfort for all students within the college.
Main Contact: Kara Hernandez; LIZKARA2@YAHOO.COM

Macaulay Health Initative

Mission: To improve the physical health and well being of the Macaulay community.
Main Contact: Kenneth Delcastillo; Kenneth.Delcastillo@macaulay.Cuny.Edu


Mission: 1. maximize audience attendance at our 2018 Conference. 2. build out our subteams to solidify TEDxCUNY Central Team structure/management. 3. reach out to more external businesses/companies for funding and workshops. 4. bring together all of the 24 CUNY campuses.
Main Contact: Demi Moore; DEMIALMOORE@GMAIL.COM
Club Email: