Assignments Overview and Grading Policy

Grading breakdown

Grading Policy

Each assignment will be graded based on a matrix that allocates points for that assignment to aspects of the content and format. At the end of the course, points will be tallied out of 100% to assign a final grade.

Assignments submitted late will lose 1 point per day of lateness. Due dates are non-negotiable except in case of documented excuse (illness, family emergency).

Points out of 100% correspond to the following letter grades:

min max grade
95 100 A
90 94 A-
85 89 B+
80 84 B
75 79 B-
70 74 C
65 69 C-
55 64 D
below F


Cheating and/or plagiarism results in failure of the class – it’s that simple.

Cheating is the attempted or unauthorized use of materials, information, notes, study aids, devices or communication during an academic exercise. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Copying from another student during an examination or allowing another to copy your work
  • Unauthorized collaborating on a take home assignment or examination
  • Using unauthorized notes during a closed book examination
  • Using unauthorized electronic devices during an examination
  • Taking an examination for another student
  • Asking or allowing another student to take an examination for you
  • Changing a corrected exam and returning it for more credit
  • Submitting substantial portions of the same paper to two classes without consulting the second instructor
  • Preparing answers or writing notes in a blue book (exam booklet) before an examination
  • Allowing others to research and write assigned papers including the use of commercial term paper services

Plagiarism includes copying sentences or parts of sentences from any source without citation; “forgetting” to include citations; copying, downloading, extracting or otherwise using internet sources without citation; copying from another student; presenting any one else’s work as your own; or “inadvertently” copying sentences, sentence fragments, paragraphs, pages, from any source. Plagiarism is also reproducing sentences or parts of sentence but substituting synonyms while maintaining syntactical structure, as in the following example:

Original: There is considerable debate in the scientific community as to the sources of global warming.

Plagiarism: There exists substantial disagreement in the scientific field about the causes of global warming.

Not Plagiarism: Scientists are engaged in ongoing disagreement and discussion on the sources of global warming.

I take cheating and plagiarism extremely seriously. If you have any doubts or questions about whether your work might constitute plagiarism, please see me.

In addition, I am required by College policy to submit a report of suspected academic dishonesty to the Office of the Dean of Students. This report becomes part of your permanent file.

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