Throughout the course of your Seminar 2, you will be engaged in a wide variety of assignments where media recording devices might come in handy. You’re welcome, of course, to use your own devices, but I’m here to helpfully remind you of what you can check out from Macaulay. Check out the full list of devices and form here; your best bets for ease of use are: Canon Powershot A540 (camera), Flip Ultra Camcorder or Vado HD G3 (video camera), and Olympus VN-702PC Digital Audio Recorder (audio recorder that you used for Night at the Museum).

  • Some important things to remember:
    • You will need to request your device three business days before you need it.
  • • You will have to arrange pick up of the device from the Macaulay building.
  • • Initial loan periods are one week, but you can likely get extensions if you ask permission.
  • • While your friendly ITF is happy to shared this information, she is not at all involved with the loan equipment checkout system otherwise.