In class, we discussed keeping abreast of current news on Flatbush, immigration, etc. One way to help with that process is to create automated news alerts. Both Google and The New York Times, among other services, offer this function. The instructions below will help you create such alerts.

The New York Times: If you do not have a login for The New York Times, create one here; you only need to provide your email and create a password. Once you register and are logged in to the site—you should see your email login at the top right-hand corner of the site—you can then create news alerts here.

After you click the “Create News Alert” link, you will want to click either the “Keyword Alert” or “Topic Alert” button. The former will allow you to precisely choose the words to search, while the latter will let you search and select a predefined topic, a large grouping  of terms that already includes Flatbush and immigration. Once you select your alert method, you will be able to further define and name it and select how often you would like to receive your alert by email.

Google: Login to a Google account (e.g. your Macaulay email). Go to Google Alerts where you will be prompted which keywords you want to track. You can decide what type of content you want alerts on, how often you want to receive them, the actual volume of results, and how you’d like to receive them.

To organize these alerts, you may want to create a filter in your email settings to organize these alerts under a specific label.