Fun Size!

Standing at five foot zero, I have always been the shortest person in the room, other than children. I am the shortest in my family and have been made fun of for my height but I still feel as if I stand tall because of my confidence in my character. Being so short, I always look up to new experiences, literally and figuratively. So what may pose as normal to some may pose as big to me.

Through my eyes, everything has been bigger but not necessarily better. I’ve learned to find the genuine and unique details of the smaller things in life. On the Highline, for instance, everything did appear to be bigger than me, however, everything was not better because it was bigger. There are tiny pieces of artwork that I can easily see to be better than massive buildings of work. It is not the size of the art but the meaning of it that I see first and because of this perception I do not think bigger is better.

One thought on “Fun Size!”

  1. Wow. That first paragraph was absolutely amazing. The fact that you showed you can still be so confident and take being short in stride is so inspirational (plus, you are exponentially taller in personality). Also, I don’t know why, but your title was hilarious to me. I loved it!

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