The Twin Towers

For a majority of my life, I was always the tall girl. I had a bunch a nicknames relating to my height; the most popular one was given to my friend—who was almost my same height—and I and we were called “The Twin Towers.” I never got offended by any of these names because I saw it as a compliment; it made me feel dominant especially when I would play different sports with the guys. However, I have never taken the time to think of myself in relation to the enormous structures that surround me. After visiting the High Line and thinking about the size of the buildings, I realized that at the end of the day I am small. We are all small in comparison to these amazing sights, no matter what your size or role is in the world. This may seem like a depressing statement; however, it is the exact opposite. These oversized artworks give us something that everyone can connect to. Although it may appear that the buildings are consuming us on our everyday walks through the city, on the High Line we were able to look through the buildings while still appreciating their great stature.

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