Sound and Vision Blog 10

In Bowie’s “Sounds and Vision”, there were different instruments to follow, but Beck’s took the cake in being an array of sounds.  The retelling of Bowie’s “Sounds and Vision” was greater in size, but I  wouldn’t call it the better version. Although I found Beck’s version to be visually stunning and beautiful, I got overwhelmed by the intensity of the sound. I was amazed by some elements in Beck’s performance of the piece. He combined different elements from different genres and connected and made all the pieces fit and created something that I would compare to a well-oiled machine. I saw gospel singers, guitarists, and a string orchestra play with what looked to be brass instruments and an acoustic guitar. I applaud Beck’s performance, but I prefer the original. The best cover for a David Bowie song is Nirvana’s “The Man Who Sold the World”.

The nature of Jazz is improvisation that builds off one another in a group. From what I expected to be disjointed was very organized and congruent in the Latin Jazz Concert at Lehman. The individuals performing showed their skills in their solo pieces, and I think this stood out most in “Super Ray”. Although I found it difficult to follow individual instrumental groups in the band, the sounds did come together in harmony like jazz.

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