The Real Deal

Being a Catholic and attending Catholic middle school, it was every guy’s dream to get an invitation to apply to Regis Jesuit High School. This school was so selective, it sent out invitations to only the top three Catholic males in the eighth grade. The young men who attend this school are all known and all go to the top schools in the country. Another huge plus is that this school is free. Just getting an invitation to this school was an honor to me. I went through with the exam and the interview with two of my friends. One was rejected at the interview stage and the other went on to attend the school. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the school and was ecstatic to attend. Everybody in my family was pressuring me into taking the acceptance, and telling me “how set your life is going to be”.  I graduated the eighth grade thinking I was going to attend this school. Everything changed in September that year though. I couldn’t go this school, it didn’t feel right. I ended up changing my mind and choosing to go to St. Francis Preparatory (with a scholarship) three days before the first day of school. A similar thing happened to me last year when choosing schools. I was between Macaulay and Brown. With encouragement from my guidance counselor, I chose to come here and I can say I made the right decision. What I find most fascinating is that the 14-year-old me that made the decision to go to St. Francis Prep indirectly chose Macaulay as well. If I never chose St. Francis, I probably would not have come here, and my college path would be much different. I think we’re all guided by something, and I think all things happen for a reason. I think there is a greater force out there that is responsible for the things that happen, and sometimes if you just listen to what you feel inside, you find what you’re looking for. It is the real deal.

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