To Fadwa

Here I was sifting through these real responses to the eleventh blog post prompt thinking what else do I have in common with these guys besides class , and then I found a gem that reflected a few of my own thoughts and personal experiences. (If you noticed the kitten in my imovie you know where this is going) My Godmother recently took in a stray kitten that would always be roaming around outside her house, and named him Expo. (short for exploration, exposition, or something to that effect) When I was shooting my imovie for the final project, I was so anxious regarding what to film, and how, since I hadn’t used a video camera for a few years. As I was developing my message, I wondered frantically, what could embody curiosity? Then it hit me, of course!! It was the same snowy morning I shot the other clips, and I was jittery since it was Saturday. I walked over to my Godmother’s house to ask her (with a straight face) if I could film her kitten just walking around. To my surprise and relief, she let me.

Before I go on, (I know you’re on the edge of your seat lol) there’s some context you should know right meow, in case I forget. When I was very young, young enough to only know this from pictures and stories, My family had two cats named Henry and Kiki (key-key). Kiki died before I was old enough to have a theory of mind, or thereabouts, but Henry was alive long enough to give me a lasting funny story. One morning I awoke to a strange mewling sound coming from downstairs. I got up, surprised the sound hadn’t woken up anyone else, and went to investigate. (smart move right?) When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Henry making muffled purr/mewls, and found a particular object in his mouth. He proudly presented to me a freshly caught, still twitching, mouse that I proceeded to take from him (for some reason). At this point my mother was coming downstairs so I showed her what Henry had so kindly given me. The face she made confused me then (cuz I was like, yo what should I do with this?), but now it just cracks me up. She ironically found a small rug in the shape of a cat to wrap it in, and put it in the garbage. It was my sister’s favorite rug at the time (anyone else like rugs?) so she probably remembers this too. Henry died soon or years after that, I don’t remember. I found him another morning motionless, but his eyes reflected the light filtering in from the morning like he was just relaxing. We buried him in our backyard. I forgot to mention we got a dog while Henry was still alive. Whenever we left to go somewhere, leaving them alone together, when we got back home they would be having some comical confrontation. Henry would bat at Bella’s nose, while retreating under a chair. She was never aggressive towards him, just curious.

While I was filming Expo, he was wary at first, but this was my second time hanging (in there) with him so he warmed up pretty quick. He did nibble my fingers and grab at my hand, which kinda put me on edge at first, but I warmed up to it throughout that experience. I stopped taking the assignment as seriously as I had earlier that morning, and started having fun with my new buddy Expo. Thank you for bringing back these memories.

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