The High Line QR Collage



The pictures in the collage were all taken by me individually. The original file with the full size images was too large to upload. To see the collage with images in greater detail, as intended to be viewed, view the collage here:

When I was walking the high line I noticed a large QR amongst the many billboards and advertisements lining the streets in the surrounding area. I thought back to the time I first saw a QR code. Unfamiliar with the smartphone world, it only seemed to be a black and white box of random pixels. Now that I know what it is, it amazes me that something so seemingly random was actually intricately planned.

As I walked along the high line, I noticed how spontaneous the plants seemed. All the plants appeared to be wild, like plants that would spring up anywhere. I then took note of the little signs that lined the gardens, crediting those who took care of the plants. It reminded me of the QR code I had just seen- random, yet planned. So, I created a collage of plants in the form of a simple QR code.

The Quick response code also represents the city and its dynamic, ever-expanding nature. The city is not only progressing technologically, but through projects such as the high line as well.