Bridging Environments

The High Line Stands Out

This sketch is supposed to show how the High Line stands out from the rest of the community. At the same time, it is a part of the community because of the people who visit.

The High Line stands out from the rest of the community, but it represents the community at the same time. It can be used as a bridge between eras, as well as a park to find friends in.

I entered the High Line from the still undeveloped side. When I first saw the High Line, I thought it looked out of place. The elevator that brought me up to it was modern, but on my right, I could see the old, unused tracks. A fence blocked them off, so I couldn’t walk on them. Our inability to meet made me feel like I was stuck in a time machine, looking through a window to see a time that was. When I looked to my left, I saw what the tracks were transformed into. When I looked ahead, I saw the community that grew around it. Since I could not walk on the path to my right, I turned left and walked along the High Line.

Unlike the parks that I usually go to, the people there were all hanging out, and taking pictures. There no one was jogging or biking. Everything moved at a slower pace. People were relaxing. It was not the typical New York City scene. On the path, I noticed the remnants of the old railroad tracks. It reminded me of the trolleys one can see in California or Hong Kong, or maybe even the less developed part of the City. It wasn’t something I expected to see in the middle of Manhattan.

The High Line gradually changed into a garden above the city. The staircases on the side of the garden didn’t seem like exits, only a way to enter the beautiful environment. Looking outside of the garden, there were many billboards. While many looked so typical of the city, I remember one billboard of a mountain that I thought was ironic. In the garden, there was real nature. In the billboard, there was an artist’s attempt to bring nature to the people. It was a beautiful image; it made me want to go visit the snowy mountain. However, looking back into the garden, I thought about how people should learn to embrace the nature around them. They don’t need to go far.

As I moved further down the High Line, the scenery changed and I finally got to a well-developed area with food stands. As hungry as I was, I did not appreciate this part of the High Line as much. The rest of the High Line was so surreal in comparison. This part of the High Line reminded me of all the other parks in the city. In the other parts of the High Line, there was the recurring theme of nature versus the industrialized society. Here, the High Line and modern culture were one and the same.

As I got off the High Line, I realized how different part of the High Line was compared to the rest of the city, while part of it was just like a park in the city. The side I had entered in was undeveloped. It brought me back to a different time period. As I moved along the High Line, it became more modern. The tracks became a bridge. There was flora everywhere. It was a garden. At the end, the High Line was part of the community. The garden still existed, but the High Line looked like any old park in the City. Overall, the High Line created a bridge that connected the past to the present through the gradual changes of the park.

The High Line QR Collage



The pictures in the collage were all taken by me individually. The original file with the full size images was too large to upload. To see the collage with images in greater detail, as intended to be viewed, view the collage here:

When I was walking the high line I noticed a large QR amongst the many billboards and advertisements lining the streets in the surrounding area. I thought back to the time I first saw a QR code. Unfamiliar with the smartphone world, it only seemed to be a black and white box of random pixels. Now that I know what it is, it amazes me that something so seemingly random was actually intricately planned.

As I walked along the high line, I noticed how spontaneous the plants seemed. All the plants appeared to be wild, like plants that would spring up anywhere. I then took note of the little signs that lined the gardens, crediting those who took care of the plants. It reminded me of the QR code I had just seen- random, yet planned. So, I created a collage of plants in the form of a simple QR code.

The Quick response code also represents the city and its dynamic, ever-expanding nature. The city is not only progressing technologically, but through projects such as the high line as well.

The Highline-The Poetic Snake

The Poetic Snake 

A poetic snake whisks far within

The quietness of its might creeps steadily in

Far and narrow its body swerves

Ready to attack the noise of the world

Above it the towers of metal

Below it the bustle of men

Around it an unnatural shutter

Inside it the wind of the earth

Harmony binds the two levels of thought

The city seeps its life into it

From within it enjoys the serenity received

Timeless is its bond with man

By Linda Manchery

A Mutual Relationship–The High Line

Here’s a short little poem and slideshow I made for the High Line project. Hope you enjoy!

A Mutual Relationship–The High Line


A Mutual Relationship

By Joseph Valerio


Separated from the chaos of the city,

Lies a park with unique power.

While urban life is usually gritty,

The High Line includes more, even flowers!

Majestic qualities of greenery,

Interact with unused train track.

Creating unusual scenery,

The High Line is one special pack!

A surreal community formed,

That breathes life into the park.

It’s a good thing the track was reformed,

It became quite a benchmark!

Offering tranquility,

Away from crazy society.

The High Line epitomizes stability,

And a heightened sense of variety.

This mixture of nature and urban,

Can only be found there.

It’s almost quite suburban,

But extremely addicting, beware!

High Line Through My Words and Eyes

I gave myself some time and jotted down any words that came into my mind related to the High Line. From that list I created a word cloud. I then picked out eighteen of my favorite photos that I took at the High Line. I created two collages from the pictures. Please Enjoy !

Serenity in NYC


The Highline gives a new perspective of NYC, where usually we see the city from the street level, or sky view from the viewing decks of skyscrapers and video images from helicopters, the Highline allows us to see from a mixture of both perspectives. The serene atmosphere is one that is rarely known in NYC, with the exception of Central Park. I took many pictures on my journey through the Highline, and these pictures truly convey the various forms of beauty and art that can be found along the Highline. Enjoy the collage!the-highline-old-nyc-vs-modern-nyc