Science Forward isn’t just a course. It’s a community of teachers & learners. Sharing & learning from others is a wonderful way to grow that community.

How should I use these syllabi?

Science Forward can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of student bodies and faculty interests. The common thread through any Science Forward course is a focus on the Science Senses.

Below, you can explore how other Science Forward faculty have designed their syllabi – from the past to the present, and from honors courses to community college.

Use, copy, adapt, or share these syllabi however you see fit. The diversity of our faculty interests and our common commitment to teaching the Science Senses is what defines Science Forward beyond any specific field of inquiry.

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See online and honors course offerings.

Community College course (2014) 
Fall 2020 Annotated Sample Syllabus for Macaulay

Honors sophomore course (online, asynchronous) (2017)

Non-honors course (online, asynchronous) (2018)
Sophomore level (3 credit) honors course (2019)

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