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Science organizations, events, and networks to help you expand the work you do in Science Forward – inside your classroom or beyond.

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Want to engage your students in an out-of-class project? How about equipping them with current science resources to explore? What if you’re curious to find potential partners for your own academic research?

Here you’ll find a list of outside science organizations, events, and professional networks to help you build bridges between your students’ work and the diverse resources of NYC and beyond. Also, if you’ve heard of any organizations that aren’t listed here – or have an opinion about which ones have been most helpful in your own teaching practice – then please send us a message using the form below 🙂

For all the latest science events around NYC, check out Kelly O’Donnell’s Science in the City list.

Organizations in New York City

Located only a few blocks from Macaulay Honors College, the AMNH is dedicated to exploring the diversity of human cultures, the natural world, and the known universe.

This is a great place to plan a field trip or an out-of-class assignment.

The High Line is a popular walkway that also acts as a curated hub of floral biodiversity in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Plan a field trip or assignment here based on ecology, biodiversity in the city, or environmental sustainability.

The Intrepid Museum, located on Manhattan’s West Side, is a wonderful place to explore the history of science and technology.

The Bronx Zoo is a hub of biodiversity. Plan a field trip or an out-of-class activity here. Pairs well with Science Forward videos on Urban Ecology, Animal Communication, and Climate Change.

Van Cortlandt Nature Center offers experiential learning and guided tours around wildlife, ecology, biodiversity, and sustainability.

The New York Genome Center is a genomic research center that offers public-facing lecture series, workshops, and learning activities dedicated to sharing insights on how genomic research affects human wellbeing and medical and therapeutic treatments.

National & International Organizations

The National Science Foundation is a government organization dedicated to supporting and advancing scientific research. They do this primarily by funding research grants and educational initiatives. They also publish reports on cutting-edge science issues.

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum and research complex dedicated to science. In New York, consider the Cooper Hewitt Museum of design as a place to explore how scientific research is brought to the public in the form of technological innovation.

Online, browse publications and educational resources that can give you ideas for learning activities.

The NOAA is a U.S. government agency dedicated to understanding and managing conditions in the oceans, major waterways, and atmosphere. Their website includes news and resources for understanding environmental change, as well as teaching resources.

NASA features the latest news, images, and videos from America’s space agency. They also offer resources for educators teaching STEM.

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