Welcome to Science for Dessert!

Hi everyone! I created this site to tell people (that’s you!) about cool things in science, and to explain some phenomena or concepts that people often ask me on a regular basis. Remember that this is me telling you about cool things in science, and me being an undergraduate physics major, I’m subject to make mistakes or misunderstand some things. So if you see something that strikes your fancy, I would highly recommend doing a google search or something to read more about it to make sure I’m correct, and make sure you have more material to reinforce it. Afterall, I want these to be for a general audience, so I may¬†omit some¬†material so that more people can grasp why these things are so cool!

I came up with the name of this site in a random way–I was thinking of “Science–it’s what’s for dinner!”, but realized it was a little unoriginal, not to mention misleading; dinner is a main course, and these points should be more of a small helping of cool things in science. Therefore, we should instead have some science for dessert! Hence, the name was born. Anyway, stay tuned for some science!


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