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Why I am an Atheist: One Scientist’s Perspective

This post is a departure from my usual content, and will obviously be approaching some sensitive issues, so let me begin with a few things up front. I am an atheist. This blog entry, like all writings and discussions on … Continue reading

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Does Science Ruin Beauty?

I think we’ve all heard or said this before: “Don’t tell me how it works–you’ll ruin the beauty of it.” As if knowing what causes a phenomenon will suddenly make it dull and boring. Yeah, maybe if the person telling … Continue reading

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Indiana Legislators, Waldo, and Pi

I hope everyone enjoyed their Pi Day (3/14)! I know, I’m two days late, but for good reason—I spent the last two days wondering what to do to honor pi day, and researching said topic (and doing my usual grad … Continue reading

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Fire, Energy, and the Nature of Science

What is energy? This is the simple, three word question that stumped me while I was tutoring physics this year. I was surprised when I realized that nobody had ever asked me this before, and even more so when I … Continue reading

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