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Ozone: Nature’s Sunglasses

I think most people know about the ozone layer of our atmosphere. It’s supposedly this thin layer of atmosphere that protects us from getting sunburnt while we lay out on the beach with intentions of becoming oompa loompas (though for … Continue reading

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Does Science Ruin Beauty?

I think we’ve all heard or said this before: “Don’t tell me how it works–you’ll ruin the beauty of it.” As if knowing what causes a phenomenon will suddenly make it dull and boring. Yeah, maybe if the person telling … Continue reading

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Productivity (Circa Summer 2012)

Back in the summer of 2012, while working at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and putting the finishing touches on my senior thesis, I was faced with a 3 week period without my advisors around. At the time … Continue reading

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Tales of Comet Tails

(This entry caps off my Facebook “fun facts” series from my studying for a brutal comprehensive exam for graduate school, and is inspired by an old comps problem on Comet Hyakutake. And it’s an excuse to look at so many … Continue reading

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