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The Coolest Thing You Likely Never Learned About Hydrogen

What do you know about Hydrogen? In a very un-scientific study, I decided to find out. I posed this question to my Facebook friends: “If I ask you to tell me 1 thing you know off the top of your … Continue reading

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Indiana Legislators, Waldo, and Pi

I hope everyone enjoyed their Pi Day (3/14)! I know, I’m two days late, but for good reason—I spent the last two days wondering what to do to honor pi day, and researching said topic (and doing my usual grad … Continue reading

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The Dan Feldman Wavefunction

Greetings, everyone! During my lunch break today, I was thinking about quantum mechanics (that’s what everyone thinks about while eating, right?), and started to wonder what my wave function might look like for any given day. I’ve mentioned wave functions … Continue reading

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Musings of Great Minds

As many of you know (perhaps from reading the ‘about’ section of this site), I am a graduate student. This means I am tasked with running discussion sections for an astronomy class–this semester a class called Cosmic Controversies, which teaches … Continue reading

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