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Because We All Knew This Blog Would Need Some Potty Humor

Hello, my science junkies! So sorry for the long hiatus–things have been pretty busy for me. In fact, they still are, so I’m going to rely on something I was alerted to by NPR for an interesting story that involves … Continue reading

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Infrasound Blues?

Ever wonder why you can enter a room, and suddenly feel a sense of dread, or fear? Well, most people have chalked it up to places being haunted! Indeed, it’s an easy conclusion to come to when you feel uneasy … Continue reading

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Hannibal the T-Rex

There has been recent evidence that the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most fearsome carnivores of all time, could have been a cannibal! Nicholas Longrich, a researcher at Yale, discovered large gouges on the toe of a T-Rex from 65 … Continue reading

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The Jellyfish Who Could Live Forever

Going out of my comfort zone to show you something really cool in Biology and Genetics — the “Immortal Jellyfish”. Ever wish you could live forever? This jellyfish, scientifically known as turritopsis dorhnii, can potentially do just that. I came … Continue reading

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