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New York's Post-Modern Five Pointz: The Secret History of Aerosol Art



Catherine W. Chan is a graduate of Townsend Harris High School in Queens, and is currently enrolled in both the BA-MD and Macaulay Honors programs at Brooklyn College. She intends to pursue a career in Medicine and expresses a rather ambitious interest in the Pediatric field. However, she would like to increase her exposure in all fields of Medicine.

Through the Peopling of New York Seminar, as well as, this project, Catherine hopes to discover how New York City has shaped her life, how immigrants have shaped New York City, and how she can mold the city into one that corresponds to her own experience as a first generation Chinese- American. Afterall, she is the first to be ascribed a “dash” in her heritage. In this state of liminality, Catherine is an “in-betweener,” a native in her country of birth and a foreigner in her country of origin. ABC or CBA? American-Born-Chinese or Chinese-Born-American? It becomes quite difficult to distinguish between the two.

Multimedia: Pictures of my Area of Study

5 Pointz: The Insitute of Higher Burnin'

Through the Scratched Train Window: 5 Pointz

Simply Looking Across the Street: P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center