Expo Awardees 2011

awardee badge

All the awardees are now entitled to display this badge on their eportfolios!

Here (in random order) are the awardees for the 2011 Macaulay Eportfolio Expo. We’ve got a wide range of great sites, representing all different kinds of eportfolio choices. Take some time to browse through them (click on the titles to go to the sites themselves–and give the authors some comments!).

Thanks to everyone who entered the Expo, congratulations to all, and let’s look forward to next year’s Expo!

2 Responses to Expo Awardees 2011

  1. What a great way to use technology, when I studied art – 30 years ago, we lugged around portfolios and sculptures. It was not a great way to share ideas or art. I have been browsing the students portfolios and blogs and am truly inspired!

  2. adekunle samuel says:

    scholartic and educative programs are important in students careers. Keep it up

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