Expo 2013 Awardees


The 2013 Expo Awardees are listed (in random order) below. All are now entitled to use a badge (in a choice of colors) on their sites to represent their achievement!

Marina Nebro: Arts and Culture

“Arts and Culture”–Marina Nebro
Judges’ Choice Awardee
Marina Nebro: Arts and Culture was started in August of 2012. Macaulay Honors College affords its students the opportunity to participate in the ePortfolio program, a way to create a positive digital footprint in the 21st century.

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The Macaulay Messenger

“The Macaulay Messenger”–Kanika Khanna
Judges’ Choice Awardee
The first “issue” of the Messenger was published in April 2011, after I approached Drew, Dr. Ugoretz, and Lisa Brundage about starting an online newspaper for all of Macaulay.

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Kosher Seoul

“Kosher Seoul”–Tamar Herman
Travel Eportfolio Awardee
My blog for my study abroad semester in Seoul, Korea.

A College Student's Bucket List

“A College Student’s Bucket List”–Stephanie Chung
Food/Culture Eportfolio Awardee
My eportfolio blog is a combination of my personal baking/cooking bucket list, quirky food related recipes and utensils!

Writing Not Raging

“Writing Not Raging”–Kaitlyn O’Hagan
Judges’ Choice Awardee
This blog was for a Fall 2012 Thomas Hunter Honors course I took called “Feminism, New Media and Health.”

The Macaulay Triplets

“The Macaulay Triplets”–Choonghun Lee
Honorable Mention Awardee
I picked up curating the website for the Triplets at the beginning of this year. My goal was to rework the website into a usable and informative website to promote the Triplets and showcase our work. Check out the Bios page, and also the Media page!

No Foreign Lands

“No Foreign Lands”–Julia Dancer
Honorable Mention Awardee
During my freshman year, this was the mandatory first Macaulay blog that I never touched.

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The Babylon Project

“The Babylon Project”
–Amy Gijbers van Wijk

Honorable Mention Awardee
This site began in response to Lee Quinby’s “Apocalypse” course at Macaulay for Fall ’12.

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Diary of a Young Playwright

“Diary of a Young Playwright”
–Amy Gijbers van Wijk

Arts/Professional Eportfolio Awardee
“Diary of a Young Playwright” is an attempt to chronicle my personal and professional experiences, thoughts and insights, and share great information

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The Utopia of Daniel

“The Utopia of Daniel”–Daniel Scarpati
Judges’ Choice Awardee
Ever since first creating The Utopia of Daniel, I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve spent updating, tweaking and polishing it up.

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“x_signature”–Christine Seguritan
Potential/Newcomer Eportfolio Awardee
This portfolio is a testimony to my personal hobbies & interests and my aesthetic/creative perspective

The Undivided Design

“The Undivided Design”–Alessandra Rao
Honorable Mention Awardee
The purpose is to create an exciting blog based on anything related to art and design.

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My European Adventures

“My European Adventures”–Marianna Lamnina
Photography Eportfolio Awardee
Study Abroad Summer 2012


“WearAboutz”–Zara Hoffman
Curation/Reblogging Eportfolio Awardee
“Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive more youer than you!”

Our thanks to this year’s internal and external judges, who volunteered their time and skills!

Lisa Brundage–Project Director, CUNY Advance

Gregory Donovan–Senior Instructional Technology Fellow, Macaulay Honors College

Jen Jack Gieseking–Visiting Assistant Research Professor and Project Manager of JustPublics@365, CUNY Graduate Center

Matt Gold–Acting Executive Officer, MA Program in Liberal Studies, Associate Professor of English and Digital Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center

Wayne Hall–Professor of English & Comparative Literature, University of Cincinnati

Jenny Kijowski–Senior Instructional Technology Fellow, Macaulay Honors College

The Pratt Institute Design Jury

Jody Rosen–Assistant Professor of English, WAC Coordinator, OpenLab Project, New York City College of Technology

John Sorrentino–Multimedia Instructional Technology Associate, Macaulay Honors College

Barbara Walters–Professor of Sociology, Academic Director, School of Professional Studies Online BA in Sociology, CUNY

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