Expo 2012 Awardees

The 2012 Expo (May 2, 2012) brought us more entries, more diversity, more development, and more reflection. In its second year, the Macaulay Eportfolio Expo continues to demonstrate the many ways our students are stretching definitions and creating full pictures of their learning.

The 2012 Expo Awardees are listed (in random order) below. All are now entitled to use a badge (in a choice of colors) on their sites to represent their achievement!


The Utopia of Daniel is the culmination of all of my interests, hobbies, class work, business experiences, dreams and inspirations. It's a place that I'd like all people (not just Macaulay students) to be able to visit so they can relax and learn a little about a lot. I knew from the start that I wanted to write about all sort of different things, so I categorized my site in easy-to-navigate groups/sections. In the future, I'd like to redesign the background and add links to the website I plan to create for my own production company in the coming year. Here's to Macaulay Eportfolios!

The Utopia of Daniel, by Daniel Scarpati--The culmination of all of the things Daniel enjoys in life. From cars and college classes to movies and video games.

 I use this blog as a hub for alot of different things: my academic work, a personal blog, my blogs from trips abroad, and my resume. It's still a work in progress, but essentially it's a snapshot of my life and career as a Macaulay undergraduate in website form.

Intertwined, by Kaitlyn O'Hagan--a hub for a lot of different things, including study abroad, blogging and academic archives.

I call this my 'creative blog', and I separate my posts into 3 sub categories: Advertisements, DIYs, and Reviews/Opinion on creative projects/products/ideas. My posts include everything that I hope may be interesting, helpful, or just curiously-intriguing to those who come across this site. I consider all my posts as shared forms of art.  As long as creativity never dies, the world will continue to go round-- peace of cake!

Peace of Cake, by Peace Chung--Advertisements, DIYs, and Reviews/Opinion on creative projects/products/ideas

I started this site because I wanted a place where I could document and share my college experience, and where people could learn a little bit more about me. I plan on making this site a collection of my work in architecture studio, as well as a place where I can post periodic journal entries or anything new and interesting I learn about. It's a work in progress and I haven't fully formatted and filled the contents of each page yet. The background music on the home page is a short melody I composed.

rHUminations | scraps, adventures, and inspirations, by Christin Hu--A myriad of links, videos, and texts which relate to what Christin does or what simply somehow comes to mind.

Mary Williams' thesis web site examines James Joyce's "The Dead" via the lens of cognitive theory. The web site extends and provides audio-visual material about her thesis project, and also chronicles the process of writing a thesis in Macaulay's thesis colloquium course.

Ghosts, Memory & Metaphor in Gabriel Conroy's Ireland, by Mary Williams--Not just the senior thesis, but also information relating to it, including ”The Dead” by James Joyce, the history of Ireland, cognitive theory, metaphor, and memory.

This site is about my senior thesis on hybrid spaces in memorial architecture. Hybrid spaces have the ability to constantly change in symbolic meaning. The site is meant to highlight the important aspects of my senior thesis and provide images of the different memorials. It is still a work in progress and I plan to add more photos.

Hybrid Spaces in Memorial Architecture: The 9-11 Memorial, by Marisa Paolillo-- By analyzing memorials as hybrid spaces we can pinpoint which qualities are most effective so that we can build better memorials in the future.

Long Island City, by Megan Chiu--A study of a neighborhood which has made significant growth in terms of becoming more residential and contemporary while still maintaining part of its original industrial and commercial character.

I started this "TSENGWICH" website for my Arts Seminar class taught by Professor Meyers Kingsley, who assigned us a project to visit various art venues in NYC and make comments. But the project resulted into a little blog I really grew to love.  As for my approach to this project, I did not want to strictly provide technical information about the paints or dimensions of the art. I wanted to speak about my own emotions that I felt while viewing the artwork. My hope is that it breaks down some boundaries as to how people view art, not as something too serious, but funny and personal, too.   As for my future plans. I plan to continue visiting more exhibits, and writing down my interpretations for the things I see!

TSENGWICH, by Kevin Tseng--"Eating the Sandwich of Art: How the Art of NYC has Affected Me"

"Through a Mirror Darkly" is my attempt at creating a hypertext narrative as a final project for "Imagining the End of the World," Professor Quinby's class on apocalyptic thought and narratives. It was inspired by my interest in how new technologies, such as the Internet, alter the structure and content of literature. Hypertext fiction, named for its use of hypertext links, allows readers to engage directly with the narrative through a "Choose Your Own Adventure" format; readers click links that lead them to further installations of the story. Through my project, I sought to explore how hypertext fiction blurs the lines between reality and fiction, author and readers, creator and creation.   "Through a Mirror Darkly‚" is set several decades after an apocalyptic event, known as "The Fall," that led to the almost simultaneous collapse of the global financial and communication systems. The main platform for the story is a blog run by J. Stevens, a twenty-something year old woman living in New York City. Fascinated by the Fall, her blog is devoted to any and all information about that period in time. Her blog is open to the public, so the comment section is filled with people agreeing and disagreeing with her. By reading through J. Stevens' blog and the blogs of her commentators, the reader begins to piece together information about "The Fall" as well as the mysterious "Memory Project."  For me, this project was a challenging writing experience and a test of my creativity. As an online-based project, "Through a Mirror Darkly" is a perpetual work in progress. The narrative is open-ended and open to expansion by the readers, who have the power to accept and reject, add and delete parts of the story as they choose.

Through a Mirror Darkly, by Aparna Gokhale--Hypertext fiction from the year 2050. A history of "The Fall."

This is a blog in which I discuss various scientific topics for a general audience. I use it to practice my science writing and showcase cool things for my curious friends. I've been writing in the blog for a while now...recently, due to a class assignment, I created a twitter account for the blog: @SciForDessert. I'm hoping to continue writing in the blog once I start going for a PhD in Astronomy in the fall. My parents don't read my blog, but my research advisor does...readership is funny, isn't it?

Science for Dessert, by Daniel Feldman--Cool science, all in one place. Dan's attempt Dan Feldman in an attempt to help him get better at writing science articles, and a fun way to get people to see why science can be really cool.

My eportfolio is focused on the Duke-EWH Summer Institute, a service project that I will be participating in during the summer. I will also blog about events leading up to it and after it. I will use it as a vehicle to talk about this service opportunity as well as increase visibility about the non-profit organization, Engineering World Health, that is offering it.   Engineering World Health is a non-profit organization which focuses on mobilizing the biomedical engineering community to improve the quality of health care in hospitals that serve resource-poor communities of the developing world. It does this by improving capacity in developing countries for management of medical technologies and the design, development and distribution of medical technologies suited to health care in resource-poor settings. It is based in Durham, North Carolina and operates in Ghana, Rawanda, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. It also has 38 active college chapters around the world including one in CCNY, which I founded this year and is the only chapter in the 5 boroughs.   I hope that this eportfolio can increase the visibility of my service project, Engineering World Health, my club, and sustainability engineering so that this cause can push forward to provide better healthcare for all.

Joenard's Duke-EWH Summer Institute, by Joenard Camarista--Raising awareness and support for a summer service project repairing donated medical equipment at Hospital Santiago in Jinotepe, Nicaragua.

I started this website to bring awareness to the benefits of being fit, and the importance of sport in a child's life. I wanted to explain the physiology of exercise in terms that individuals that may not have a strong background in science can understand. Hopefully, after reviewing my summaries on the website, or a more in depth explanation in my thesis, all who visit my site will share the same appreciation for exercise as I do.

Flip or Swim? by Diana Kudelko--How Gymnastics and Swimming Impact Health and Fitness. A site made to educate people on the benefits of exercise, in particular practicing gymnastics and swimming.

My eportfolio is a sort of public journal. There is no specific focus. I cover topics from museum visits to class discussions to guilty pleasures, generally in the form of photoessays. This eportfolio is simply a means to documenting and sharing my interests, works, and explorations with fellow Internet users. In the near future, I hope to develop more well-defined categories, about New York City, art, school, etc.

For Lack of a Better Title, by Victoria Tang--A "temporary attempt at organizing the different aspects of myself and my life. An online portfolio showcasing “pieces” of me. Much fancier than a blog."

I use my Eportfolios blog mainly to share my artwork, fashion designs, crafts and sewing projects as I complete them. When I can't bring my actual portfolio with me, I usually give interested parties this link so they can get a good idea of what I do. One thing the blog can do that my regular portfolio can't is give my readers some of the more candid shots, like the early draft of an illustration, a step-by-step process of how I go about getting one of my drawings done or even something I wouldn't normally put in my portfolio such as the greeting cards I designed.

KShannon O'Danny, by Shannon Chen--An art, design and accessories blog, documenting Shannon's learning about art, materials, techniques and design.

I decided to use my eportfolio as a way to express my own original thoughts on particular things, and basically just let my imagination go wild. The only purpose of my eportfolio is to write down my ideas and to let other people get their imagination going. I plan on continuing to add new ideas, dreams and thoughts to my eportfolio so eventually it will be an filled with fantasy and far-fetched dreams.  We live in two worlds: the one our bodies live in, and the one our mind lives in.

A Jamination of Imagination, by Elissa Julia Olivera--The world your body lives in has limits, it has restrictions. There are consequences for your actions and there are things you just can't do. However, your mind is a different story: there are no set backs, restraints or rules.

One of my biggest mottos is to always remember where I came from. I don’t want to ever lose sight of who I really am and how I got to be where I am today.  So, I decided to compile three different forms of art that would attempt to relay this message.

The Unforgettable Past, by Sion Siyanov--The common thread that ties everything together.

This is a site to raise awareness of what Asians do or have done. It is mainly to slowly break down the barriers between Asian Americans and other Americans or Asians. I have started this site because of personal conflicts I have gone through in my childhood.

Asian Win, by Hosea Mak--A site to promote Asian awareness, so groups like FarEast Movement and The Jubilee Project, as well as people like Clara C, David Choi, and Jeremy Lin will be better known out there.

The Macaulay Scholars Council (MSC) website was started in Fall 2010 as a center for information on the MSC. Previously, there was no static website for information on MSC meetings, representatives, events, and MHC clubs and publications, which are overseen by the MSC. Though the MSC website continues to be a work in progress, it serves a vital role in connecting Macaulay students to their student government.

Macaulay Scholars Council, by Kaitlyn O'Hagan and the Scholars Council--The one and only Macaulay Student Government provides information and connections.

"My AUSome Trip" is my blog, both personal and academic, in which I share the projects I work on and adventures I have. Last semester I lived out my dream of studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia and produced vlogs or video diaries about my experiences. Through this site, I became a blogger for the Official Australian Embassy Government Website encouraging students to study abroad in Australia. My site was also added to the blogroll of other study abroad websites.   My other "AU" passion is my desired profession of Audiology and already I am enthralled by the field. A video that I created was even re-tweeted and re-pinned by ASHA, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  In the past year, my eportfolio has gained followers and improved in quality.

My AUSome Trip, by Lilach Gez--A trip through the world, culture, and academics, with video and digital storytelling.

The Macaulay Messenger was founded on the basis that good journalism -- and an effective medium -- can unite a community. Each Macaulay campus has a thriving community in itself, but very few students know what goes on with their peers at other schools. With much encouragement from the administration, I launched the Messenger. I decided to present it much like a regular news site and to include sections seen in regular newspapers. I included campus news sections for all seven schools and an eighth category for MHC. We publish articles monthly and currently host a staff of 40-50 people. I would like to see the Messenger utilize more new media in the future as it grows in both popularity and participation.

The Macaulay Messenger, by Kanika Khanna and the Messenger team--A Newsletter for the MHC Community. Macaulay's own student-developed, student-written, student-edited cross-campus newspaper.

Traveling, to me, is a way of life. The first time I was on a plane I was 9 months old, and the last time I was on a plane I was flying from Rome to Madrid. The study abroad requirements gave me the push I needed to finally keep a blog going, and I've realized that I want to continue it. Travel blogs are for people who go to interesting places and do interesting things, but I've learned something about myself during my time in Spain. Every day is full of new experiences, and I truly believe that I need to go to the ends of the earth and skydive or bungee jump or learn Mandarin Chinese.  Life, to me, is a way of traveling.

No Foreign Lands, by Julia Dancer--"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign." – Robert Lewis Stevenson

This eportfolio serves as the website for the Macaulay Triplets A Cappella group. It includes information regarding the group's biographies, repertoire, contact information, and upcoming performances. It is intended to be kept current as the group grows and shifts throughout the upcoming years.

The Macaulay Triplets, by Raj Basak and the Triplets--The Triplets are the first A Cappella group in Macaulay Honors College. Spread over four campuses and following very independent paths in their lives, the Triplets are bonded by their passion for music and dynamic musical chemistry.

I started this blog with a fellow architecture friend of mine the first week we arrived  in Barcelona for a semester of study abroad. We intended to use it to record our  impressions of all the neat architecture we would encounter here. I continue to update it when I am inspired by a particular building or place, as a way to share these moments with my classmates back in NY and all who are interested to share a little piece of my experience of this amazing city (and others)! Please enjoy.

Barthelona, by Joanna Tschurtschenthaler--Collecting memories of architectural "encounters" and presenting them in order...sites of interest, details/buildings/places that move us, inspiring designs, and observations about the city.

Our thanks to this year’s external judges, who volunteered their time and skills!

Helen Davis–Assistant Professor of Humanities, Wilkes University

Jeff Drouin–Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities, University of Tulsa; Associate Director, Modernist Journals Project; Editor, Ecclesiastical Proust Journal

Lauren Klein—Assistant Professor, School of Literature, Communication, and Culture, Affiliated Faculty, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center, Georgia Tech

Jody Rosen—Assistant Professor of English, WAC Coordinator, OpenLab Project, New York City College of Technology

Nancy Wozniak—Learning Architect and Eportfolio Program Manager, Stony Brook University

Category Selections and Judges’ Choice:

  • Thesis Site:
    • Marisa Paolillo “Hybrid Spaces in Memorial Architecture: The 9-11 Memorial”
  • Travel Site:
    • Julia Dancer “Barthelona”
  • Seminar Site:
    • Aparna Gokhale “Through a Mirror Darkly”
  •  Arts Site:
    • Victoria Tang “For Lack of a Better Title”
  • Group/Community Site:
    • Kanika Khanna “Macaulay Messenger”
  • Science/Health Site:
    • Diana Kudelko “Flip or Swim?”
  • Cultural Site:
    • Sion Siyanov “The Unforgettable Past”
  • Personal Site:
    • Daniel Scarpati “The Utopia of Daniel”
  • Overall Judges’ Choice:
    • Lilach Gez “My AUSome Trip”

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